taichi hughesMaster Jeff Hughes has been training martial arts since 1974.  He has been teaching Chinese Kung Fu in Austin since 1995 to thousands of students.  His own health journey led him to practicing the Asian art of Qi Gong.

There are different types of Qi Gong exercises.  At this workshop, you will learn the “8 Brocade Qi Gong.”  There are 8 movements, each of which strengthens and conditions a different organ or body part.

This Qi Gong is a gentle exercise used to heal your internal organs and improve your health.  It’s considered “medical Qi Gong” that almost everyone can practice it regardless of your current health condition.

Conditions benefitted from Qi Gong exercises:

  1. Anxiety / Stress / PTSD / Insomnia / Depression
  2. Joint Pain (back, hips, knees, ankles, fingers, elbows, shoulders, neck, wrist, etc.)
  3. Weight Gain
  4. Immune Disorders
  5. Fatigue


10 am – 12 noon