Making Lists to Reduce Stress

superhero listHe’s making a list, checking it twice…  because Santa Claus knows this is the best way to avoid stress.

I have three different scenarios where list making may just change your life.  Well, maybe not your life, but at least your perspective.  And, mark my words, you will be surprised when, sometime in the future if you find an old list you wrote, of how much you have accomplished that you just were dreaming about when you first wrote it!  

Sometimes when I feel bored or just blah, I take out a pen and paper (I know, so old-fashioned!) and write down ideas.  Just anything:  ideas of what I want in life; ideas for where to travel; ideas for redecorating my house.  The point is to reach some feeling of inspiration.  If you don’t have anything to look forward to, life can be so depressing.  Always have something exciting and fun planned for the future.  

If you’re feeling down about something in particular, write out a game plan of how to get out of this particular conundrum.  For example, when I first got out of (Chinese) medical school, I was hugely in debt.  So I wrote out a game plan of how I would step-by-step get out of debt:  what bills to pay, how much to pay for each bill each month and each year, how much to save, and also what I needed to make for income to do this!  Having a plan is a plan for success.  

If you feel overall anxiety, again, it’s a good time to get out a pen and paper and write some things down.  Write down what you need to do.  With stress, you may be in a state of overwhelm.  I recommend before going to bed, write down everything that’s on your mind.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect list, or in a certain order.  Just get the ideas out.  Free-flow.  

Bonus points:  use a really nice pen (you know what I mean if you’re a “pen person” like me!) and fancy stationery.  It’s more fun.   But in a pinch, a Bic and an old envelope will do.  

How about you?  Are you a list maker?  How has list making helped you?  I would like to know in the comments below!  Thanks.  

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  1. When I am overwhelmed lists are definitely the way to go. And yes, pen and paper seem to work best.
    I have seen old lists of mine and often I have either completed the tasks or they have become irrelevant.
    Anything left over gets put on a new list.


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