Life is about being happy.  If we aren’t happy – there is something out of balance.      

focus and breatheStress, anxiety, and depression get in the way of your enjoyment of life.  If you are stressed out from work, your home life gets the short end of the stick.  If you are stressed out from your relationship, your job productivity suffers.  If your body is out-of-balance, you don’t feel good and your overall quality of life plummets.  

Modern stress will never totally go away, but you can learn actual real and easy-to-implement techniques that can help you deal with stress in a calm and effective manner.  

There are things you can do that teach and train your body, mind, and spirit how to handle stress differently.   

Learning the keys to relaxation can help you.

Enrollment is now open for Relaxation Camp!  

What it is:  a four-week online, interactive and actionable study into the arts and sciences of stress-reduction techniques used all over the world.  

I work with you each step of the way via email and bi-weekly Q&A calls.  

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You receive 3 weekly modules, each one building on the week before.

Each module will have a video; action sheets; and resources.  It is designed to be comprehensive and give you tons of new ideas of how to handle stress.   

Module 1:  Your Mind

To say your mind is powerful is an understatement!  Your thoughts have the ability to change your life.  Not happy with where you’re at in life?  Start by changing your thought patterns.  I will teach you how.  

But before we change thought patterns, I also will teach you how to start from a clean slate – a clear mind free of clutter-y thoughts that serve no purpose.  

Module 2:  Your Body

How does nutrition affect your emotions?  It certainly does.  I will train you how to detect specific nutritional deficiencies that impact your mental state and then how to address them with whole foods, supplements, or herbs.

But your body is more than just a functional machine that needs nutrition.  You are an animal (rrrawwwrrr!) and your body needs the TLC that you would give a beloved pet.  Unfortunately, we tend to give more loving and care to our pets than to our own bodies.  I can show you how to love your body unconditionally; even before you lose those extra pounds.  

Module 3:  Your Spirit

Without getting too hippy-dippy, I want to address the aspect of our spiritual selves.   What is your “sole / soul” purpose?  Who are you, really?  I will help you find out what makes you special and how can you access that energy to direct your life in a positive direction.

I also will show you how to make sense of all the people in your life.  This may sound  strange, but we chose the people in our environment.  At some level, these people have something to teach you and the faster you learn it, the more at ease you can feel around them.  You will foster more loving relationships at home with your spouse and children; feel at ease in crowds; and handle coworkers with aplomb.  

Going on vacation this summer?  No problem.  This program is online, so can be done anywhere and at any time.  With your enrollment, you have LIFETIME access to this program.  In the future, I only expect to enhance the quality of this class with improved information, and you will have unlimited access to these future upgrades as well.  

I know you are busy, and that you want to be able to sleep better, have the energy to exercise, eat right, and enjoy time with your family and friends.  I know you want to be able to balance your life in a way that seems effortless and leaves you feeling healthier.  

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You may be thinking, “I’ve tried it all and stress is just a part of life!”   Or, “Well, you haven’t had to deal with the type of stress that I’ve had!”  You may be right, but I may have some answers for you yet:

1.  “Stress is unavoidable.”  

      Yes, it is.  But we can always control how we react to it.  Some of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard are ones where people in horrific situations have overcame their adversity:  amputees winning races; African refugees escaping and finding a normal life; kids born into poverty becoming successful entrepreneurs; etc.  

2.  “My situation is different:  it’s been going on for my whole life and I think it’s just part of who I am.” 

     Certainly the longer something has been a part of our lives, the more resistant it is to change.  But, if we open up to the possibility of change, we can amaze ourselves.  Life is constantly changing.  Change is unavoidable.  To say that you can’t change…well, it’s just not true.  Even if a thing or idea does not change, the world around will continue to change, and therefore, inherently changes the thing or idea!  That was a very abstract idea so let me give an example:  

     A bird settles in to live on the top branch of a tree.  Even if the bird doesn’t move its nest, the tree will continue to grow and therefore, the bird’s nest will go higher and, therefore, “move.”

     Our thoughts create a trajectory of sorts.  If we think we are going to be miserable, then we continue on the path of misery.  If we desire a different path, then our subconscious will get busy to work on finding out that different path.  

3.  “My depression / anxiety / _____ is genetic.  My mother had it, her mother had it, all my siblings have it …”

     Genetics are not destiny.  We have our specific genes, and then we also have personality traits that we inherit from the people we spend the most time around.  Growing up around negative people would certainly be an adversity, but not something that can’t be overcome.

4.  “I’ve already tried meditation / medication / counseling / yoga / aromatherapy / acupuncture / St. John’s wort / etc. and nothing works.”

     “Trying something” is different than committing to something.  I’m not saying commitment to any one modality is the answer, but commitment to your journey to wellness is.  If you truly want to find peace, your subconscious will work on finding it for you – even in your sleep.  Have faith that your body knows how to heal itself, and it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of tools to get there.

5.  “Adding another thing to my ‘to-do’ list is going to create more stress!”  

     Yes, maybe temporarily.  Just like when you first start exercising, you feel more pain, but after you get in shape, you will have a stronger and more resilient body.  When you first start eating healthier, it causes more stress figuring out what to cook and when to carve out the time to cook, but once you get the hang of it, you have more energy and feel better that you actually have more time on your hands!  

never give upBy the end of the Relaxation Camp course, I know you will have some real answers to the stress, anxiety, and depression that everyone feels.  I know you can find a good balance in your life; enjoy what you want to do; and feel happier and more stable.  If not, if you go through the whole thing, and do what I recommend, and you don’t feel any different, then I offer a money-back guarantee.  

You have nothing to lose…except the tension, guilt, panic, depression, and stress!!!