lose weight naturally and with funHave you ever caught yourself saying “I’m doing all the right things but I still can’t lose weight!”  “But I eat healthy!…”  “I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes a day!…”  …and still no weight loss! 
Here’s what is missing:  PLEASURE.  Your body, or as I like to say, your animal has an internal gyroscope that leads you naturally toward things that feel good.  Your animal does not lead you astray.  You’ve heard of those “animal instincts”?  Well, you have them!  It’s just that we stop listening to them.  The cravings you get?  Their purpose is to satisfy a need that your animal has.  His or her need to relax, or have fun, or procreate come in the guise of sensations in your body.  You just have to take the time to become an expert in reading your own body.  
The stress hormones from
  • boredom (same old boring workout routine, anyone?)
  • lack of purpose in life
  • hating your job
  • being in a not-so-fun relationship
  • hating your body
are actually stopping you from losing weight!  To lose weight, you must eat healthy food and move your body…but it has to be enjoyablePleasure is the answer to the stress problem.  Or rather – you GET to do enjoyable movements and eat good food and lose weight!  Wow!  
  • What movements do you get pleasure from?
  • What foods make you feel great?  (hint:  it’s probably NOT what you think it is.)
  • What does your animal need right now? 

Just be open to the answer you receive from your body and listen and be kind to yourself!