Save Your Family’s Life with Proper Nutrition

This Saturday (June 30th, 2012) is our nutrition class.  The name of the class is “Save Your Family’s Life with Proper Nutrition,” but it’s not just for families!  Anybody will get valuable information from it.

The class is from 3 – 5 pm and covers a lot of information.  It is designed for people who want to eat healthier, but aren’t sure where to start or how to make it a simple, everyday thing.  Maybe you know HOW to eat healthy but just haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out how to best start.  I will go over all of those details.healthy eating and nutrition for kids and families

What we go over in the class includes:

1.  Why eating healthy is the only solution for really enjoying your life and all it has to offer.

2.  Where to shop:  the best deals; how to find organic food that won’t break the bank.

3.  What to put on your grocery list and what NOT to… (hint:  chocolate is ON THE LIST!)

4.  Meal ideas and a free cookbook!  These meals are EASY.  I know because they are the meals that I eat at home and I don’t cook anything that takes more than 20 minutes.

The class is NOT for people who are not ready to make changes to their current diet or lifestyle.  If you like where you are currently – eating and health-wise – then you probably don’t need this class.

healthy eating and nutrition for kids and familiesThe cost is $50.   If you invite a friend, it’s $75 total for both of you.  The cost includes a Natural Health Center of Austin cookbook (for each person).  Really, it’s a small investment for a lifetime of healthiness for you, your partner and any young ones you may be “growing.”

If you’re interested in coming, send me an email or just call our office:  512-892-3366

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