What We Do

Treatment RoomDepending on what is going on with your health, we can recommend a type of treatment that will help you feel better.  Usually we recommend starting with a couple of session to see how your body responds to natural medicine and treatment, and then go from there.  Most people see some changes right away in their condition, although it can vary quite a bit from person to person.  Some people are “cured” overnight, and other people may take several months of treatment for significant improvement.


Acupuncture is the shallow placement of very tiny needles into your arms and legs that allow for improved circulation to the problem areas of your body.  When your micro-circulation is improved, you have less pain and improved healing ability.  With the distal needling technique, we can treat all areas of your body, without needing you to dis-robe in our office.

Herbal Medicine

Herb RoomChinese herbal medicines are mostly botanical in nature, and grown responsibly and mostly organically in the United States.  The brands of herbs that we carry (Evergreen brand and Mediherb brand) are both top in their field for quality and purity standards.  We do not use endangered animal-based herbs.  The qualified herbalists in our office, licensed through the medical board of Texas, will ensure that your herbal formula is safe for you to take, with little to no side-effects, and is compatible with your current medications.

Cupping or Acupressure

In our office, for cupping, we use fire cups.  Don’t be alarmed:  fire cups mean that we use fire to remove the oxygen from the glass cup before placing the glass cup on your skin.  The fire never touches your skin; only the cool glass!  Cupping is like acupressure that pulls out instead of pushing in.  It is mainly used on your back and shoulders to remove calcium deposits and “knots” from your muscles.  The bruised looking marks afterwards fade after about 1 week and are not really a bruise but the toxins and dead blood cells leaving the muscles.

NAET / Allergy Elimination Technique

NAET is a gentle, non-invasive way to change how your body responds to allergens.  It is safe and effective for people of all ages, even babies, and body types, even pregnant women.  It usually takes about 10-20 treatments to get rid of most environmental, food, or chemical allergies.  NAET can be done with or without needles.  


Our nutrition program is based on how people have been eating for thousands of years.  Back then, obesity and diabetes were rare.  Most people had very strong, healthy teeth.  The things that have changed?  There are many foods people ate back then that we no longer eat, and we are eating things now (like processed foods and sugary drinks) that people didn’t have back then.  We can help you determine simple changes to make in your dietary habits that can make a lasting change in your body.  Also, we can find out what micro-nutrients your body may be lacking, and either help you with that with food or with food-based supplements.

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