Cupping is like reverse acupressure in that it pulls out instead of pushing in.

Where do the cups go?

The cups typically go into your shoulders and back, although in some cases we may cup your legs too.  Cupping is done on the muscles that are tight and sore.  Where you have “knots.”  

How long does cupping take?

The cups are suctioned on and left there for about 15 – 30 minutes.  

What’s up with the bruising from cupping?  

The slight skin discoloration from cupping is just the dead blood cells leaving your muscle tissue.  It fades just like a bruise does after about one week.  

How do you make the cups stick?  

The style of cupping we do is called fire cupping.  The fire is inserted into the glass cup for about one second, before we quickly remove the fire and put the cup (with no fire on it or touching you!) on your body.  You only feel the cool glass.  We use coconut oil on your skin so the cups don’t pull on your skin too hard and will slide around easily.  

Cupping therapy is usually done on the back and shoulders to treat muscular pain and tension.