Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s (named after Dr. Devi Nambudripad) Allergy Elimination Technique.  Dr. Devi suffered with many food, environmental and chemical allergies her whole life.  She was so ill in her 20s that she could only eat broccoli and rice.  She discovered that if you combine acupressure stimulation with exposure to a specific allergen, you can eliminate your body’s reaction to that item. 

Nicole was trained in NAET with Dr. Devi herself in 2006, and has taken most of the advanced NAET trainings in the years since.  She’s successfully treated hundreds of people for cedar fever, mold allergies, food sensitivities, and more with NAET. 

How it works:

  • We use muscle testing to see if your body has sensitivity to an item.  Muscle testing involves slight resistance to pressure on your arm.  We muscle test children and babies through a surrogate tester.  If your arm normally has good resistance to pressure, and upon introduction of a vial of a suspected allergen, it becomes weaker, then, on some level, your body is not in agreement with that substance.   
  • When we find substances that weaken your body, the NAET treatment changes how your nervous system reacts to it.  The treatment consists of gentle palpation down your spine as you hold the vial of the allergen.  
  • When we re-test the item, your arm should have good resistance again.  There’s a period of 24 hours where you’ll avoid the substance we treated. 
  • Most allergens are cleared at that point.  Some items need additional treatments if they’re very severe allergies. 

The treatment is kind of like re-booting your computer:  we change your nervous system’s response to the allergen.  Instead of your body having an allergic, fight-or-flight reaction to the substance, you have a normal, neutral response.

“I’ve had severe allergies since I was young, but they seemed to have gotten progressively worse. They were mostly seasonal but some cleaning products would also aggravate them, as well as some dish soaps. They had gotten to the point where I was waking up congested several times a night. I’d only been to an acupuncturist once when living in San Antonio. The (other acupuncturist’s) treatment didn’t seem to help much. Now I have restful sleep and can usually fend off most allergens.”  ~ Mary Grace R.

“About one year ago I started going to the Natural Health Center for allergies to some foods such as chocolate. I had lived for years with depression, low energy, and muscle aches. I had a bad experience with another acupuncturist and was nervous to try it again, but my results at this clinic were great! I feel so good – I honestly never knew I could feel this well! I have no more depression and now I have a general sense of well-being. I feel more calm and MUCH better than I ever have! That speaks volume since I’m turning 58 next week!”  ~ Beth B.