Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)

acupuncture for allergiesNAET was created in the 1980s by Dr. Devi Nambudripad.  She suffered with many food, environmental and chemical allergies her whole life.  She was so ill in her 20s that she could only eat broccoli and rice.  At the time she was studying Chinese medicine in graduate school and had come home one day after receiving an acupuncture treatment.  As she was cooking her rice, she decided to try a bite of a carrot, and immediately passed out on the kitchen floor.  Coming to, she felt fantastic!  She discovered that if you combine acupuncture stimulation (or acupressure without needles) with exposure to a specific allergen after a period of avoidance, you can eliminate that allergy!  The actual technique has of course been refined since then.

How it works:

  • You hold a specific allergen in your hand
  • We use muscle response testing to determine if your body has a weakness, or allergy, to that item.  Muscle testing is where the practitioner pushes gently against your arm while you apply resistance back.  Your arm should feel “solid” and not wobbly.  If your arm resistance becomes wobbly upon the introduction of the allergen, that indicates that the allergen does not agree with your body.  The allergen is causing a reaction in your sympathetic nervous system which causes a relative weakening of your muscle strength.    
  • If we find the substance is allergic, we treat it.  The treatment consists of gentle palpation down your spine as you hold onto the allergen.  We can even treat kids – as young as infants! – with this technique by using a “surrogate” treatment.  
  • We re-test the item and it should be “strong.”  Your arm in the muscle testing should have good resistance again.  

In other words, we stimulate your nervous system through the back palpation.  Kind of like re-booting a computer, we change your nervous system’s response to the allergen.  Instead of your body having an allergic, or “fight-or-flight” reaction to the substance, you have a “normal” neutral response.

We have found NAET to be beneficial in treating pollen allergies, chemical allergies, anaphylactic allergies, and mild food allergies.

“I’ve had severe allergies since I was young, but they seemed to have gotten progressively worse. They were mostly seasonal but some cleaning products would also aggravate them, as well as some dish soaps. They had gotten to the point where I was waking up congested several times a night. I’d only been to an acupuncturist once when living in San Antonio. The (other acupuncturist’s) treatment didn’t seem to help much. Now I have restful sleep and can usually fend off most allergens.”  ~ Mary Grace R.

“About one year ago I started going to the Natural Health Center for allergies to some foods such as chocolate. I had lived for years with depression, low energy, and muscle aches. I had a bad experience with another acupuncturist and was nervous to try it again, but my results at this clinic were great! I feel so good – I honestly never knew I could feel this well! I have no more depression and now I have a general sense of well-being. I feel more calm and MUCH better than I ever have! That speaks volume since I’m turning 58 next week!”  ~ Beth B.

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