Your First Visit

Pulse Diagnosis1. Simply by checking your radial artery on both wrists, I can tell a lot about your health and why you are having any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Chinese medicine works based on your circulation patterns, so the pulse at your wrist tells me, based on the shape of your blood vessel there and the force of the blood flow, the condition of your respiratory system, immune system, neck / shoulders / back / hips / knees / neck, Liver, stress level, sleep, hormones, and Kidneys.  

2. Once we understand what you want to focus on (the specific health conditions you want improved), I can recommend some type of treatment or nutritional course of action to get you headed in the right direction.  

I usually recommend starting with a few treatments to see how your body responds.  Within just 2 or 3 treatments, we – both you and I – should see some improvements and get a better idea of the frequency of treatment needed and for how long until you are significantly improved.  

The initial consultation is about 15 – 30 minutes and is a free visit.  If you are ready to set that up, you can follow this link.  

3. Payments and Cost

We do take insurance, and we can check that for you at your free initial consultation.  

If you’re paying cash, we charge $80 for acupuncture and NAET; and $40 for a herbal or nutritional consultation.  The cost of herbs and supplements vary from $10 – $100.  

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