Weight Loss and Nutrition


My approach to weight loss is that we can do this without starving or punishing your body.  

I want to give you information on nutrition and healthy body image that you can maintain the rest of your life.  Not a quick-fix, weird, fad diet, but lasting, logical changes.  

The NHC Weight Loss Program emphasizes good nutrition:  many times just making a few minor changes to your current diet can make a big difference in your overall wellness.  We help you lose the weight without feeling deprived or starved. 

NOTE:  my weight loss plans are about getting healthy, not getting skinny.  

Healthy weight is not about looking a certain way, but feeling good in your body and enjoying your life.  We can help you with that.  

We offer gentle cleansing and Purification Programs to further help with weight loss and detoxification.  The cleanse is simply a way to push the “reset button” on your metabolic state.  It helps you to reset your food habits, and just gives your body a temporary break from potentially inflammatory foods.  

We also carry and prescribe whole foods-based supplements to address deficiencies and help give the body what it needs to function at its best. We can help balance your blood sugar levels, reduce sweet cravings, increase weight loss and fat burning, regulate hormone imbalances, promote gut healing, or reduce inflammation.

We can formulate a nutrition plan for your specific needs whether it be geared towards sports training, gluten-free, anti-Candida, hypo-allergenic, or disease prevention goals.