If there’s one thing to learn from our elders (and from 2-year-olds), it’s the benefit of slowing down.  slowing downOne of the first things I notice when I get sick is the natural tendency to slow down.  I even listen to slower and more mellow music on the radio. Slowing down is your body’s natural tendency to “preserve your qi” or “essence”.  Your “essence” in Chinese medicine is essentially what is keeping you alive.  It’s the blood that you inherit from your mother and father and that you maintain through your habits and environment.

Slow movements allow your essence to circulate.  Rapid or stressful movements use up your adrenal gland energy.  Your adrenal glands are your body’s natural battery-pack.  Once it’s worn out, it’s very difficult to replenish.  

In martial arts, practicing the movements slowly allow for a better understanding of what you’re doing.  


Try this simple exercise:

Is there a time when you tend to rush at things?

  • Maybe it’s when you’re getting the kids ready for school in the morning or
  • when you get home, you may rush to eat dinner.  
  • Do you find yourself hurrying – and then wanting everyone around you to also hurry – to get through an errand at the store?
  • Do you rush to get to the end of a workout?  

Instead of rushing, slow down.  Dial your speed limit down a few notches.  Consciously slow your breathing down.  Refuse to worry about the clock.  

Now…what did you find out about yourself?  I’m betting:  you enjoyed yourself and the people around you more and that you actually finished the activity in about the same amount of time!  

It’s so funny:  slowing down, ESPECIALLY when you’re in a hurry or running late, will actually help you get done what you need to accomplish done faster and with more enjoyment!  Try it!  Let me know in the comments what happened.  


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