When I started my yoga practice as a teen, I grew 2 inches that year.  

In this video, my friend “Yoga Jerry” (Jerry Baldersa) explains how our posture and fascia hold our bodies upright – or not – and what happens to our innards when we slouch.  

Jerry incorporates Chinese medical theory to his yoga teachings that any person at any age can practice.   He makes it look so easy!




1.  1 minute in:  Prolapsed bladder after childbirth?  Here’s how to prevent this.

2.  3 minutes in:  Lower back pain?  Here’s how to hold yourself to strengthen your back.

3.  7 minutes in:  What happens to your mind when you slouch.

This video is a short exerpt from the whole yoga class that is but one small part of Relaxation Camp.  

What is Relaxation Camp?  I’m glad you asked:

Enrollment for my 4-week online course called Relaxation Camp starts soon.  It’s an online course so you can do it in your own time and convenience.

Once you have access to the class, you ALWAYS have unlimited access.  Every year, you can opt to do the class again – with all the new info and updates – for FREE.

If you are looking for a way to get out of a long-standing rut or a way to maintain a feeling of calm in a sea of stress this is for you.  If you know the real you is happy, fun, and fulfilled and it feels like something is blocking that path than this is for you.

The class has a money-back guarantee as well.  For reals.  If you…

  • do the whole thing 
  • honestly give the exercises a try AND
  • don’t feel a positive impact from it, THEN

…I will give you 100% of your investment back.

More information coming soon!  


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