we like pieI only get sick when one of the following things happen:

  • Not enough sleep
  • Unmitigated stress
  • Too much sugar
  • No exercise with regularity

Every.  Single.  Time.

My sob story is that I have a 2-year-old who has been waking me up at night for, well, 2 years.  Not enough sleep?  Check!  But it’s my own darn fault for eating cake 9 days in a row.  I’m embarrassed to write this, but it’s just true.  Some of those days it was just a bite or two of cake, but cake nonetheless.  9 days.  In a row.


Get rid of the sugar bug.

The problem with eating sugar one day is that it makes you want to eat it the next day.  It’s as addictive as crack / cocaine.  Or so they say.  I’ve never been addicted to crack / cocaine.  Too expensive.  And I like to sleep.

When I decide to cut out sugar, I have to be ruthless.  Other people have their own way of dealing with “getting back on the wagon,” but for me the only thing that works is cold turkey.  Just say no.  To cake.

No cake.

No brownies.

No cookies.  Just don’t even buy them!

No muffins.  Keep walking past the pastry case at the coffee shop.

Ok, just a little bit of dark chocolate.  You have to live, right?

It’s Thanksgiving, or Christmas (or Festivus or whatever), and you get offered pie.  Say you love pie.  Just have a piece of pie!


What you need to avoid over the holidays:  guilt.  Just enjoy what you want, then get over it.  Get “back on the wagon.”  

I like to plan out what I’m going to allow myself to indulge in for the holiday.  This year it’s going to be wine and cherry pie.  Sounds indulgent?  But, what I’m already planning to NOT have:  cookies, bread / pastries / rolls, gravy, brownies, CAKE, etc., will balance it all out.

If you give in to ALL the indulgences, you just feel crappy, and that’s no way to spend your vacation time.

In between the planned indulgences, I eat relatively healthy.  For Thanksgiving:  sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, and ham is not exactly “light,” but it’s mostly vegetables and proteins.  I think I will feel satiated enough to resist the especially high carb and high sugar options.  


Enjoy the sunshine – even in the winter!  Don’t be afraid to go outside in the cold.  Bundle up and get some necessary movement.  Have fun with it:  go for a family walk, go to the park and play frisbee, ride bikes in an unexplored area of town.  Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D to keep your energy and immunity up.

Exercise and movement also help keep stress at bay.  I hate it when people say, “I want to go outside and ______, but it’s too _____(hot / cold / wet / etc.).”  Unless it’s actually dangerous (please don’t go outside when it’s tornadoing and flooding), it won’t kill you.  Dress for the weather and get going.  Once you get your butt out the door, you’ll feel better just to be doing something.  Netflix can wait until the next flood.

Happy Holiday!

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