Weaning Off Medications

Q: Currently I am taking 2 presciptions for high blood pressure, 3 over-the-counter medicines for allergies, an anti-anxiety medication, and a pill for cholesterol. I would really like to not take anything at all! What is the best way to get off all these medicines? A: I commend you to wanting to get healthy enough to not have a need for your medications!  That’s my favorite part about my job.  Well, these conditions definitely did not happen overnight and so treating them is also going to be a gradual process that will take some time. In Chinese medicine, we say it takes 1 month to treat a problem you have had for 1 year. Also, some problems can be treated at the same time and are inter-related as far as Oriental medicine theory is concerned — such as anxiety and high cholesterol which are both related to your Gall Bladder. Other problems will require slightly different herbs or treatment strategies. Some other things to consider:  What is the biggest priority?  What is bothering you the most right now?  Usually that is a good place to start.   In general, the easiest medicines to get off of are the allergies medicines and the cholesterol medicine.   My personal opinion on cholesterol medication is somewhat controversial, and please don’t take my opinion as medical advice * but simply as opinion.  (*this is just me saving my butt, legally) Allergy medication is a different animal:  the way that antihistimines and decongestants work in your body are that they will trap the “evil qi” further into your respiratory system and make the actual problem,...
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