What are the best breakfasts?

Yes, some foods are healthier than others, and a lot of what your body needs to eat depends on, well, your body, and your needs will fluctuate over time as well.

Do the “breakfast test”   

Take 4 or 5 different ideas for breakfast and just carefully track how each makes you feel for a few hours afterward.  Of course, eat the breakfasts on different days, not all in the same day!  And I would even try one breakfast meal idea several times over a longer period of time before forming an opinion to how it makes you feel.  

When I did my own breakfast test, these were the meals that I tested out:

Breakfast #1:  bacon and eggs

Report:  decent energy and satiated until afternoon

Breakfast #2:  yogurt with nuts and fruit

Report:  low energy and hungry almost instantly afterward

Breakfast #3:  bacon, eggs, and sprouted grain toast with butter

Report:  OK energy but hungry just a few hours after

Breakfast #4:  eggs and kale salad

Report:  great energy and full until lunch time

Breakfast #5:  eggs, bacon and kale salad

Report:  the best energy and full until almost 2 or 3 pm

I’m not saying that I found the one true breakfast for everyone, because we are all different, but since I am carb-sensitive (and I know many of you are too!), one of the lowest carb meals with the highest fat content won out.  Just eggs and bacon was OK, but I definitely noticed better energy when I added in some vegetables.

Try it out:

See what your body is telling you by paying attention to how you feel after you eat.  Then you automatically know what is right for your body regardless of what diet books or Weight Watchers tells you.

Pick out a few different combinations of foods that you already know you like and that agree with you.  Try the same thing a few days in a row or at different times of the month and different days of the week.  Pay attention to how your body feels – emotionally and physically – after.  

Pay attention to

  • your energy
  • your mood
  • your digestive system 
  • other symptoms you tend to get (like joint pain for example)

Breakfast meal ideas to try:  

Try various combinations of any of these foods, and please, feel free to add in your own ideas.  

Salad for breakfast?!?!  That’s right.  Don’t knock it till you try it.  

Eggs.  The perfect protein.

Bacon, sausage, and other animal proteins.  Try various qualities of proteins:  organic vs non-organic, highly processed vs more natural.  

Bread:  white and processed breads vs whole grain or compare those with sprouted grains.  Sprouted grains are much more easily digested.  Try it and compare how you feel compared to eating processed and refined grains.  

Oatmeal (with various toppings).  This is a very popular breakfast food from what I gather by talking to people a lot about what they eat.  I’m not a huge oatmeal fan, so please, test it out for me and report back!  

Smoothies.  These are not my first choice because I usually feel hungry right after I drink it.  It’s like it just warms up my digestive system and I’m like, “Ok!  What’s next!”  Not a good choice for me, but please, let me know how it works for you. 

Breakfast bars.  I won’t go there myself because most packaged foods like “protein bars” are really just full of sugars, soy protein, and grains.  Let me know how you feel after eating these types of foods versus eating more whole foods like eggs.  

Oh, yeah, and for pancakes, in case you’re wondering because they are my favorite food.  I like to refer to pancakes as my “death row” food because that’s exactly what I would eat if, you know, I ended up there, which of course I won’t, but still…  

I feel terrible after I eat pancakes!  Even though the taste during the eating process is amazing, I can’t justify eating them on a regular basis because afterward I feel bloated and anxious and I can’t go about what I need to do during the day feeling like that.  But, if you’re on your way out anyway…have pancakes!  Let’s just say they’re a rare treat.  

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