How do you feel about your body?

How good of a relationship do you have with yourself?  Is it supportive?  Is it nurturing?  Do you ask your body “why” she’s “misbehaving” as opposed to just punishing her?

Do you let yourself play in your body?

As children, we innocently use our bodies as play-vehicles.  We get so much joy swinging from monkey bars, climbing trees, and making up dances to music we like.

Why do adults stop doing this?

I think that’s why we gain weight in adulthood.  I think that’s why our metabolism slows down.

Our 2nd brain (that’s the one who lives in our gut; the one I like to refer to as your “animal”) can guide us into pleasurable movement.

Take a moment to feel your stomach.  Even better, put on some clothing that shows your stomach.  Look in the mirror.  What is your body telling you?  What does she need?  Why is she “misbehving”???

She will tell you!  You just need to listen.

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