I have a scale (a cheap one, probably $20 from Bed Bath & Beyond years ago) that measures your hydration levels and I used to check all my clients regularly for that.  Ideal hydration levels are between 50-60% of your total body mass.  

One thing that all good scientists have in common:  noticing patterns.  

The pattern I noticed is this:  the heavier people always (ALWAYS) are dehydrated.  

In a great book that I highly recommend, French Women Don’t Get Fat, by Mireille Giuliano, the author states that French women hardly ever snack between meals, they drink water.

According to this 2016 study, it seems to be true.  Increased hydration leads to decreased body weight.  

Many studies have also shown that dehydration produces similar body sensations as hunger.   

If you’re wanting to slim down, I would try increasing your water intake.  If you hate the taste of water, well, learn to like it.  Sorry, there’s just no other way around it!  Here are some tips for enjoying more water:  

  • Add some fresh squeezed lemon or lime to it.  
  • Get a good filter for your home.  Filtered water tastes so much better!  
  • Use carbonated water with or without natural flavors.  
  • Use herbal tea:  green tea often gets me through a hungry afternoon.
  • Get a fun water bottle (non-plastic) that you take with you everywhere and fill up when you’re out running errands, exercising, and at work.  

Once you’re hydrated properly, you’ll be able to better discern signs of true hunger vs. your body’s sign for water.  

And, of course, you’ll then slim down.