Probably the #1 health scam in the United States now is the propaganda surrounding cholesterol and statins, or cholesterol-lowering medications.  

Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University reported in 1994 that people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack as did people with a high cholesterol.  There have been numerous studies which have shown that elevated LDL or HDL or both types of cholesterol is inversely connected to risk of heart attack.  This research seems to indicate, in fact, that high cholesterol is imperitive if you want to live longer!

Cholesterol has also been shown to protect against respiratory and gastrointestinal disease.  Other research has shown that risk of STD (HIV in particular) increases in populations with low cholesterol.

Statin drugs inhibit the creation of cholesterol in your Liver.  The metabolic process which creates cholesterol from a Liver enzyme also creates 2 other essential micromolecules in your body, including Co-Q10.  Co-Q10 is an essential “food” for your muscles.  Since statins prevent the creation of Co-Q10, a result can be weakening and pain of the nerves and muscles.  One of the most important muscles in your body, your Heart, is at risk too.  While the incidences of heart attacks have declined since the late 80s (when statin drugs entered the medical marketplace), incidences of heart failure have more than doubled!

Want more evidence?  In one study, incidences of breast cancer went up 1500% in women on statin drugs.  Dr. Beatrice Golomb of San Diego, California is currently conducting a series of studies on statin side effects.   She has found that 15% of statin patients develop significant memory problems such as dementia.  Other studies have found that people on statin drugs are twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety disorders.

Most of my sources for this information are found on the site if you would like to do more researching on your own.

What we are told about our bodies and nutrition from many medical professionals is not only incorrect, but dangerous to our health!  We are told to eat low-fat, take statin drugs, and eat plenty of grains.  All this does is make your Liver and Gall-Bladder congested and weak.

The “skinny” on fats:

Fats are an essential part of our diet that helps to regulate our appetite, making us feel fuller for longer periods of time.  Fats contain vitamins D, E, A, and K and help with the absorbtion of these vitamins in our bodies.  Those who possessed enough will power to remain fat-free for any length of time developed a variety of health problems including low energy, difficulty in concentration, depression, weight gain and mineral deficiencies.


“Before 1920 coronary heart disease was rare in America…  During the next forty years, however, the incidence of coronary heart disease rose dramatically, so much so that by the mid 1950s heart disease was the leading cause of death among Americans. Today heart disease causes at least 40% of all US deaths. If, as we have been told, heart disease results from the consumption of saturated fats, one would expect to find a corresponding increase in animal fat in the American diet. Actually, the reverse is true. During the sixty-year period from 1910 to 1970, the proportion of traditional animal fat in the American diet declined from 83% to 62%, and butter consumption plummeted from eighteen pounds per person per year to four. During the past eighty years, dietary cholesterol intake has increased only 1%. During the same period the percentage of dietary vegetable oils in the form of margarine, shortening and refined oils increased about 400% while the consumption of sugar and processed foods increased about 60%.”  (Enig, Mary G, PhD, Trans Fatty Acids in the Food Supply: A Comprehensive Report Covering 60 Years of Research, 2nd Edition, Enig Associates, Inc, Silver Spring, MD, 1995, 4-8)

If you are concerned about your cholesterol and heart health, here are 3 things I recommend doing right away:

1.  Edit your kitchen:  take out the canola oil and margarine and start using real butter and coconut oil.  Take out the table salt and use real sea salt.

2.  Talk to your physician about trying diet and exercise (and possibly Chinese herbs) to address your cholesterol.  Ask them how best to wean off of the medication.

3.  Commit to getting healthy.  Rather than focusing on made-up medical problems and disease names (“borderline high cholesterol” or “pre-diabetes”…) put your energy into actively seeking out ways that will make you feel better in your body.  Get off the couch and join a dance class; take the dogs for a walk; make a healthy dinner for your friends and host a dinner party…

Basically, it’s not fat that makes people sick and overweight…it’s processed foods and chemicals.  Stick with “real” foods, and your body will thank you for it!