thyroid disease and natural medicineAfter months of steady weight gain, forgetting why you walked in to a room, and soul-crushing fatigue, you may be relieved to finally figure out it’s your thyroid.  At least you know WHY all this is going on. 

With hypothyroid, your thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is high, meaning your pituitary gland is trying really hard to get your thyroid to work, and the thyroid hormones are low.  With hyperthyroid, it’s the reverse; your TSH is very low and the thyroid hormone levels are high.  Hashimoto’s disease is similar symptom-wise to hypothyroidism, except there’s evidence that the thyroid problem is due to your immune system attacking your thyroid.  Grave’s disease is similar symptom-wise to hyperthyroidism except again with the involvement of the immune system.

Changes in energy, mood, body temperature, menstrual cycle, body weight, digestion, hair, skin, and brain function are symptoms of thyroid imbalance.



low energy low energy but also restless
depression anxiety and trouble sleeping
weight gain weight loss
constipation diarrhea and frequent bowel movements
feeling cold (basal body temp less than 97.4) feeling warm
dry skin, puffy face, hair loss irregular heartbeat, tremors
fertility problems, muscular weakness fertility problems, muscular weakness

So many people end up with some sort of thyroid problem in their life, and fortunately, I’ve seen great success in treating them with natural medicine.

Things to consider in the treatment of thyroid problems:

1. The amount of stress in your life – stress will throw your hormones out of balance if it’s not regulated.  Emotional stress is just part of it.  Also consider over-working, too much exercise, bad relationships, and other types of things that cause an undue burden on your body and spirit.

2. Your nutritional intake:

  • trace minerals like selenium, zinc, and iodine – your thyroid NEEDS iodine to function; eat seaweed or take herbs like Ashwaganda to optimize this mineral.  As your thyroid heals, your need for the medication will reduce, so work with your doctor when this happens.
  • Vitamin E and F – essential fatty acids found in whole grains, fish, seeds, nuts, avocado, eggs, wheat germ oil, and olive oil
  • sugar and refined grains – reduce or eliminate if possible, especially wheat and white flour products

3. Pathogens – covert pathogens like Borrelia, Epstein-Barr, Candida Albicans and others often play into auto-immune conditions like these and can be addressed through herbal therapy.

4. Toxins – heavy metal toxins like Aluminum, Lead, and Cadmium are found in almost everyone.  If your body has either a hard time eliminating toxins or an excessive toxic load to efficiently remove on its own, the toxins may attach to your thyroid tissues and cause issues.  Herbs and natural supplements can effectively support your body’s ability to detox these toxins.

It typically takes 3 months to heal a hormone problem, longer if it’s progressed to an auto-immune issue.  But have faith that these conditions ARE fixable.  It just takes time, some lifestyle changes, and persistence. 

Thyroid Back to Normal

“Since I first came to the NHC of Austin 3 years ago, Nicole has become my ‘primary care’ practitioner.  More recently, though, through food education and treatments targeting hypothyroidism, I’ve gotten completely off all prescription medication for over a year.  Thank you Nicole for giving me my health back.”  ~Beth