I took my son to the pediatrician twice.  Ever.  The first time was because my midwife recommended that I get him checked out just to rule out any unusual illnesses.  He was fine, thank goodness.  

The second time, we had just returned from visiting Grandpa and Grandma.  My dad called me after we left.  “You know, I probably should have told you, but Angie and I were both sick last week.”  The following night, my little one – 4 months old at the time – developed the croup.  If you have ever had a small child with a respiratory illness, take my word for it – it’s frightening.  His fever reached 103, and we couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t breathe!  It sounds kind of like a seal barking.  Panicking, I called the pediatrician and we went in the next day.  

The doctor told us that it was viral, and that it would pass over time.  That calmed me enough…just knowing what it was and that he was going to be okay.  Then she recommended a breathing “treatment” with steroids.  I said “ok…” not really sure what exactly I was agreeing to.  She brought in the equipment and told me to hold the mask up to his little face while this smoke came out that was supposed to stop his cough.  

I’m not sure if it even worked, because I kind of “half-assed” did the treatment.  I held the mask by his face, but felt so conflicted about giving my baby inhalable steroids that I held it probably too far away to do much.  His symptoms were about the same when we left the doctor’s office.  

Anyway, I decided when I left to take matters into my own hands.  I went to my office (very convenient to have all sorts of medicines right at my fingertips at any time of the day!) and got him a pediatric herbal formula:  “CQ Jr.”  It is based in honey and is an herbal combination of 20 different herbs that “clear heat” (clear infection) and stop coughing.  

Why I didn’t think to give it to him initially…I don’t know.  I’ll blame it on the panic and the insecurity of new-motherhood.  

Well, he was better that night.  By better, I mean it was totally gone.  No fever, no cough, nothing.  

We haven’t been to a pediatrician since!  He has been sick, for sure.  Last winter he had bronchitis and a pretty nice fever for 2 days.  It lasted only 2 days without taking any antibiotics, steroids, or whatever other crap the doctors are giving small children these days.  I gave Ramsey the same herbal formula as when he had the croup!  

Two years ago he had a bout of cedar fever, or some type of allergic sinusitis, and again I used a pediatric herb formula with success.  This time I used “Aller-ease” which again is a liquid based in honey and has about 20 different herbs in it to open the sinus cavities and expel phlegm.  

Other things that have been helpful in keeping my son well over his 4 years:

1.   From the start he was raised on good, old-fashioned breast milk.***  Then, instead of using cereals and grains as first foods, we used pureed vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocados – nature’s perfect baby food) and some fruits (apples and pears), and eggs.  

2.  Low-gluten diet.  Yes, we have pizza from time to time, but we are mostly gluten-free.  Actually, since his first foods were vegetables and fruits (not the rice cereal and grain “teething biscuits” that are “recommended”) he doesn’t seem to like a lot of grain-based foods.  

3.  Daily vitamins.  I use Standard Process brand Catalyn Chewable and Tuna Omega Chewables.  The recommended dosage is 2, but he likes to take 4 of each.  At first I balked, then I thought, why not???  It’s not candy, and he’s ready and willing to take them, so ok!  

4.  No vaccinations.  

I am not a perfect parent, but I do think I have raised a very healthy child.  Physically, at least.  I guess we’ll find out in a few years how bad I have mentally screwed him up!  Just kidding…  

***If you are unable to breast feed, use this recipe.  

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