What We Treat

Since Oriental Medicine is a complete system of medicine, we can treat almost anything. 

Austin Pulse Diagnostic Clinic

Before we treat you, we do a really thorough Health History, discussing in detail everything happening to your health now, as well as a history of any unusual illnesses, hospitalizations, major stressors, surgeries, and family health.  I like to think of this as investigative medicine:  it’s how we can determine what may be the cause of complicated illness or pain in the body.  

After the Health History we will check a few things:

  • Your tongue – this tells us what’s happening inside your body
  • Your pulse – this tells us how blood is flowing through your different organs.  We can diagnose many imbalances this way.
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your adrenal function – or how your body is handling stress, energy, and hormones
  • Your pain areas for tenderness, scar tissue or muscle spasms

Depending on what we determine may be causing your health concern, and what you want to focus on, health-wise, will determine which type of treatment plan we recommend for you.  Most treatments include some acupuncture (or acupressure for the needle-phobic or kids) and nutritional therapies.  

We believe that nutrition is the foundation of your health and as such, we need to determine that your body is getting the right amounts of minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that he or she needs to optimally function.  We also need to address undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities and toxic foods, as these can be hidden causes of immune system challenges.  

For some conditions that may not respond to needles (or if you’re just not that into needles), we can use nutrition or herbal medicines alone.  

Our herbal medicines are of a high quality and we will make sure they do not interact with your medication before we prescribe them to you.  Patients rarely have adverse side-effects to Chinese herbal formulas when correctly prescribed.  

Within the first few treatments in our office, you should start to see at least some gradual improvement in your condition.