Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Modern life is full of stress: driving; schedules and deadlines; taking care of spouses, kids, and pets; managing our finances; and trying to be healthy on top of all that … whew!  

Under prolonged daily stress, our adrenal and thyroid glands can become exhausted.  When this happens, we feel awake at night and sleepy in the afternoon.  Essentially, we “wear out our battery.”  

In more severe cases, something can happen to us that shocks us both mentally and physically — like a sudden death of a loved one, loss of a job, abuse, or divorce.  

Anxiety and depression disorder – in Chinese medicine – is a problem usually treated with 

  • Self-care techniques (exercise, proper diet, rest)
  • Herbal medicine to re-balance your adrenal glands, Heart, and Liver
  • Nutritional supplements like B-Complex or trace minerals that help your body manage stress better
  • Acupuncture to relieve the physical manifestations of stress 

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Chinese medicine addresses both the mental and physical aspects of dis-ease. It is said that the best doctor treats the “spirit” not just the symptom. This model of care lends itself well to the treatment of emotional distress like anxiety, depression or stress responses.