Headaches are no fun.  Fortunately, you can feel some real relief, quick, with acupuncture.  Typically, if you come in to our office with a headache, it will be gone by the end of your treatment, or at the very least, significantly reduced.

Different things can lead to headache pain:  allergies, stress, or hormone imbalance are the most typical.  So that’s where we start:  figure out what’s the cause.

In our Nutrition Response Test, we can determine if any undiagnosed food or chemical sensitivities are part of the problem.  If there’s any nutritional or herbal remedies that we can recommend, we will do so at this time.

For some of our patients, NAET to reduce food or environmental sensitivities is very helpful in the treatment of their headaches.

If the cause is mainly tension, acupuncture will be the best bet for relief.  Within just one or two treatments, you should start to notice some positive changes in your condition.

Migraines a Thing of the Past

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nicole for over a year and she and her practice have done miracles for my health and wellbeing! Migraines and pain all gone! She has a completely new approach to wellness and healthcare, and it comes with real results. If you’re looking for a safe, holistic approach, look no further than Natural Health Center.

~ Madelyn

Bye-bye Meds!

“I started with some very horrible neck pain and headaches. After taking herbs, vitamins, and cupping sessions, I feel like a different person. I enjoy knowing that one day I may be Rx free. I was on Lexapro for approximately 8 years and I have not been on it for a month and feel 100% better than when I was on it. NHC has changed my life!”  ~Alicia