Healthy Weight Loss

With proper nutrition, exercise, and realistic goals, permanent weight loss can be achieved.  


healthy weight loss
The reason why so many of us fail at weight loss, is that human beings are far more complicated than “calories-in-calories-out” robots.  Most of what is marketed out there for weight loss is an overly-simplistic, linear approach that fails 80% of the time!  Our lives are not linear.  We have cravings, urges, and desires that food (or drinks) seem to satisfy.  To truly get to the heart of weight loss struggling, we must go a little deeper into your individual psychology of WHY and HOW you’re eating, more than just WHAT you’re eating.  

Our philosophy is that your body is an animal by nature.  Once you can harmonize the relationship between your mind and body, weight loss is no longer a chore, but something that actually makes you feel great. 


This program is for you if:

* You’ve tried all of the diets and fad exercise regimens and still no success.

* You want to feel more in-touch with your body.

* You’re ready to make some changes — not only to your diet but to your approach to food and living.  

* You know you can lose weight you just need a little assistance finding out HOW!

What you will learn:

1.  What is really motivating you to feeling beautiful, strong, and happy?  (HINT:  it’s probably NOT being thin!)

2.  Why focusing on being thin is NOT what you want to do.

3.  Why HOW you eat is more important than WHAT you eat.

4.  How to discover your food intolerances without doing allergy testing.

5.  Discover how exercise can be pleasurable.

6.  Learn how fear and shame are running your life and keeping you overweight and unhappy.


 Here’s what people are saying so far…

 “I just feel that I’m on the right path…”

“It’s been just less than 1 month and my clothes are already looser and I’m 4 pounds lighter!”

“I feel sexier and more empowered to lose the weight!”

“I went shopping and had fun!”

The Intuitive Weight Loss Series is an initial intake of your personal health goals followed by 5 weekly sessions in our beautiful clinic in south Austin.  We do 1 follow-up session to check your progress and evaluate the need for any further assistance.