Hormone imbalances can show up in many different forms at all stages of life.

What type of hormone problems do we treat?  

We treat low libido, erectile dysfunction, and fertility-related problems.  

We also treat any type of issue related to the woman’s menstrual cycle, of which there are many:  painful periods, PMS, PMDD, hormonal acne, anemia, heavy periods, no period, fibroid, cysts, and menopausal symptoms.  

Problems associated with pregnancy are also safely addressed through acupuncture care:  lower back pain, nausea, edema (fluid retention), and headaches.  Between 30 and 34 weeks, acupuncture and moxa (an herb that is used topically) can help the baby turn into the correct position for labor.  Around 38 weeks we can help your body prepare for delivery, and past 40 weeks and up to 42 weeks we can perform labor induction treatments.  

Another type of hormone problem that we have had success in reversing would be thyroid imbalances such as hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, or Grave’s disease.

How do you treat hormone imbalances?  

Most of these problems respond well to a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture care, and nutritional care. 

“I started going to the Natural Health Center a few months ago for severe lower back pain; I was also overweight; had infertility, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance; anxiety and hypothyroid! Most of these conditions began 1 year ago after the birth of my son. The condition was interfering with my daily activities. I’ve had good results. The headaches are gone and the back pain has been a thing of the past. I’m able to relax more now and not be controlled by anxiety and stress.”

Amy W.

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