Many women can sing the praises of Chinese medicine after being “cured” of hot flashes and night sweats.  These problems, plus anxiety, depression, excessive bleeding, irritability, vaginal dryness, low libido, and weight gain that may occur at that time in a woman’s life are usually addressed in our office with herbal medicine.  The herbs help to promote natural hormone production in your body, so there are rarely any side-effects except feeling more relaxed and sleeping better.  

As we age, women especially become more deficient in the “yin” aspect of the body – cooling fluids, blood and body fluids, substances that nourish and lubricate the joints and tissues. This depletion of blood and body fluids over time leads to symptoms of heat and dryness – just like a lack of rain leads to dry heat in nature! Menopausal symptoms are the epitome of this phenomenon occurring in the body. Herbal medicine is the premier therapy to replenish blood and body fluids and restore balance to the body. Watch your hot flashes disappear and your night sweats lessen as you build back your “yin”. As the heat in your body cools, watch your anxiety and irritability cool down as well. 

“I first heard about NHC after attending a ‘Diva Dash’ race in April 2011 where they were set up at the event. I had been dealing with hot flashes and sleepless nights for a couple of years. After a few visits I started taking herbs and within the first week I started sleeping better and the hot flashes diminished. I have been coming to the NHC for a little over a year, during this time I have been treated for menopause symptoms, had acupuncture for allergies and knee pain, as well as herbs for my allergies. I have referred others to NHC and will continue to do so. I am currently doing great and feeling healthy. Thank you NHC!” – Sharon