Menstrual Health

Hormone imbalances that affect the menstrual cycle respond most favorably to Chinese herbal medicine.

On average, it takes a couple of weeks to notice some improvement and most conditions may be resolved completely within about 3 months of care.  Acupuncture can help with pain management and relaxation as well.

Amenorrhoea:  This problem is addressed through proper nutrition and herbal medicine.  Usually the amenorrhoea patient is either drastically underweight (or under-fat) or overweight.  Either way can create a state of anemia which must be addressed for the condition to resolve.  In Chinese medicine, we talk about blood circulation a lot.  With amenorrhoea, the lack of blood flow is either from a blood deficiency (usually in the underweight patient) or blood stagnation (usually in the overweight patient or in the patient with fibroids or cysts).  These conditions can be successfully remedied with Chinese herbs in about 2 to 3 months.

PMS / PMDD:  Premenstrual tension in Chinese medicine is a result of a Liver imbalance.  There are three major types of Liver imbalances in Oriental medicine theory that can cause PMS or PMDD:  anemia, stagnation (from stress or medication side-effect), or toxicity.  A careful overview of nutrition in any case is recommended.  Anemic conditions usually require an increase in protein consumption and vitamins such as iron and B-complex.  The herbal medicine will also speed along the recovery process.  Stressed Livers benefit from relaxation techniques such as meditation and acupuncture as well as Chinese herbal medicine.  In the case of a congested Liver, cleansing is helpful, as is a careful overview of diet and supplement usage.  There often are undiagnosed food allergies we can help to pinpoint or unnecessary medications that you may talk to your prescribing physician about.  The herbal medicine can help to detoxify your Liver and ease the emotional and physical tension.

Painful Menstruation:  Severe cramping and pain are problems of blood circulation in Chinese medicine.  Often the condition is complicated with endometriosis.  Within seconds of an acupuncture treatment, you will notice the pain easing away.  Herbal medicines act on the overall circulation to your uterus to prevent the pain from returning.  The herbs also prevent the endometrial (lining of your uterus) tissue from regrowing abnormally (see below).

Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids, PCOS, Fibrocystic Breasts:  Blood circulation is the most important concept in Chinese medicine.  The blood is your body’s “trash collector.”  When the circulation to any part of your body is interrupted, that’s when things have a chance to grow.  These interruptions can be caused by stress, trauma, surgery, allergies, and other reasons sometimes unknown.  The overgrowth of the endometrial lining, cysts, and fibroids are all growths that can actually dissolve with certain types of Chinese herbs.  The herbs are very safe to take and work to improve circulation to the female organs to prevent the further regrowth of those abnormal tissues.

Menstrual Migraine:  Menstrual migraine is usually a result of an imbalanced Liver.  When the Liver becomes anemic, stressed, or toxic the result could be migraines.  Over time, the patient may also notice symptoms of painful periods, fibrocystic breasts or ovarian cysts, PMS and other types of Liver blood circulation problems.  We can quell the pain with acupuncture.  Usually within the first treatment there is an immediate relief of the pain.  Herbal medicine can help to balance the Liver and help to prevent the recurrence of the problem.  

“I came to the Natural Health Center for hormone and migraine headache (problems).  Nicole, Kim, Sarah, and everyone were fabulous.  I followed the herb and acupuncture regimen and I have been headache free for about 9 months (and counting!)”  ~ Beth M.

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