Pain (Acute and Chronic)

carpel tunnel relief with acupuncturePain comes in all different shapes and sizes, mostly because it is a subjective experience.  No one can tell you that the pain is in your head or that it’s “not that bad.”  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  

Acupuncture is essentially Chinese physical therapy.  The needles help to change the pain response that happens in your nervous system.  The improved nerve response will allow your blood vessels to flood the targeted area with nutrient-rich blood which will speed along the healing process.  

Since relief is usually instantaneous, the treatment for pain with acupuncture is ideal.

With the style of acupuncture that we do, the needles do not go directly into the pain site, but instead go into your arms and legs or hands and feet.  The tiny needles stimulate your nervous system to redirect blood to the pain area.  The blood allows the muscles to relax and the pain response to the brain will actually change.  Within seconds, the pain should start to subside.

Herbal medicine and proper nutrition in conjunction with acupuncture will speed along the results.  The herbal medicine can reduce swelling and inflammation; improve blood circulation; and act as a natural pain-reliever.  Proper nutrition reduces the inflammatory response in your body and gives your body the micro and macro nutrients you need to heal.  

The types of pain conditions that we treat successfully include:

acupuncture for pain works

1.  Headaches and Migraines

2.  Fibromyalgia

“When I first came to this office I had hypo-thyroid and anemia. I believe I had fibromyalgia also but we never knew about it until Nicole told me and she was right. My condition got a lot worse and I started missing a lot of school because I was always in pain and had no energy at all. I had seen my pediatrician, endocrinologist, neurologist, counselor, and chiropractor. Nicole was the only one who fixed me the best. Without her I would be taking tons and tons more medicine – just covering up the symptoms and not the root cause. My results are unbelievable. I am not back in school making good grades and living my life. My pain has improved so much as well. I used to be at a 8 – 9 (out of 10 on the pain scale) and now I’m more at a 1 – 4 depending on my amount of activity. I am much more able to concentrate and have a better memory. Thank you Nicole and Melissa!”  ~ Mira

3.  Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

We treat back pain over 10-15 times per day successfully.  Research shows acupuncture to be one of the premier therapies in the treatment of lower back pain and sciatica.  Acupuncture will promote blood and oxygen circulation to the muscles of the lower back, thereby reducing pain and bringing healing nutrients to the muscle tissues. New blood flow will strengthen the muscles and prevent further damage to the area. Cramps and spasms will also respond to nutrition supplements, if needed. If you have been diagnosed with a disc herniation, acupuncture can help manage your pain and even help promote correction of the herniation over time. Acupuncture can be a great complimentary therapy to chiropractic or PT in more severe cases of back pain due to structural spine or disc problems.  

4.  Shoulder Pain

5.  Neck Pain

“I started with some very horrible neck pain and headaches. After taking herbs, vitamins, and cupping sessions, I feel like a different person. I enjoy knowing that one day I may be Rx free. I was on Lexapro for approximately 8 years and I have not been on it for a month and feel 100% better than when I was on it. NHC has changed my life!”  ~Alicia

6.  Knee Pain 

7.  Athletic Injury:  pulled muscle, post-dislocation pain, contusion, sprain

8.  Auto Injury Pain

“I was unable to sleep and, I had sciatic leg pain due to an accident. I was unable to stand for long periods of time or unable to walk for more than 20 minutes without pain. I started using acupuncture, chiropractic and fitness and the combination of all 3 relieved my pain but the acupuncture gave me the most benefit.”  ~ Bridget 

9.  Arthritic Pain

We have even seen vast symptomatic improvements in cases of rheumatoid arthritis in our clinic.  For joint pain caused by arthritis or inflammation we will treat the pain with acupuncture while addressing your diet and nutritional needs to ensure you know which healing foods will benefit your condition.  Herbal medicine can also address internal inflammation and fluid retention very well.

10. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

11. Tennis Elbow

12. Calcium Deposits like bone spurs

We can help your body absorb and use the excess calcium through a natural phosphorus nutritional supplement.  Acupuncture also speeds along the healing process and relieves the pain.  

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