Skin Problems

I am very passionate about helping people with skin problems as my own skin problem is what encouraged me to pursue Chinese medicine in the first place!  When we check your pulse at your first visit, we can determine what the root cause of your skin condition may be and go from there.  


Acne can have several root causes

Using good nutrition and herbs to restore health to your Liver and Intestines can dramatically clear up embarrassing acne.  Typically, the health of your insides will show up on the outside surface so that is where we focus.  Of course, good skin care products that are free of alcohol, preservatives, and oils make a big difference too.  

Dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis are often referred to as “atopic allergies,” or skin allergies.  Your skin may feel scaly or rough, itchy, raised, and red.  It may even bleed or ooze.  We treat this type of skin condition by using herbal medicines that promote immune system health as well as NAET to decrease your body’s sensitivity to allergens.  It can be helpful to eliminate gluten and dairy for a few weeks to see if a sensitivity to those products is contributing to the problem as well.  Topical oils such as coconut or almond oil can help to sooth rough skin as it is healing from the inside out.  

“The primary reason I came to (the Natural Health Center) was to treat the eczema on my hands.  I’d been having severe flare-ups for almost 10 years and tried almost everything including spending thousands of dollars on doctor visits and medications that didn’t work.  I saw dramatic changes within 3 weeks of herbal treatment and (now) it’s almost gone!” ~Julie

Aging skin (wrinkling, “crow’s feet”, jowls) can be treated with cosmetic acupuncture, otherwise known as the “acupuncture face-lift.”  Teeny, tiny needles are inserted gently into the very top layer of your skin.  For this type of treatment, we usually recommend at least 10 consecutive treatments within (at the most) 3 weeks.  

You will notice *fewer wrinkles, *a more “awake” appearance, *a less-stressed appearance, and *tightening of the jawline.