It is believed that stress is the cause of many diseases.

acupuncture and herbs work to treat stressIn Chinese medicine, the first organ to become “imbalanced” from stress is your Liver.  The Chinese medicine view of the Liver is more than just the organ itself.  Each organ system in Chinese medicine also incorporates a channel – or system of blood vessels, nerves and muscle groups that relate to that organ – as well as emotions, times of the year, foods, temperatures, and other environmental factors.  

Long-term stress will eventually start to impact your adrenal glands which will effect your body’s hormone balance.  

When the stress hormones and Liver have been stressed for many years, the Heart may also become imbalanced.  In Chinese medicine, this means that you may have trouble sleeping, you may have a hard time remembering things or focusing, and you may have palpitations.  

In any case, the results are often similar:  fatigue, shoulder tension and headaches, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, PMS or PMDD, depression, and anxiety are typical symptoms due to prolonged stress.  

Treatment for stress in our office typically consists of acupuncture to promote muscle relaxation and herbal medicine to calm the mind and spirit, and to readjust your body’s stress hormones.  

“Stress! Stress! and more stress! Coming to this office gives me time to decompress and slow down. I look forward to my visits = highlight of the day and week. Positive energy 🙂 This has given me another / better avenue to release tension and bad mojo. Thank you. The doctors really connect with you and truly care about your well-being.”  ~ Kerri A.

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