When I mention “visualization,” what comes to mind?  New-age hippies?  Haha!  I used to think so too…until I tried it and it worked!  Whether your goal is to have a different job (one that you love), make more money, have more energy, lose a few pounds, rekindle your love-life, etc., you can use visualization of your goal to get there.acupuncture and wellness

When it doesn’t work…that’s because something is getting in the way…usually your subconscious mind.

The clarity of your goals is crucial.  If something is “muddled,” it just won’t happen.

Also important is commitment.  That’s why I ask all of my new clients “how committed you are to getting better?”  …a 50% won’t get you a passing grade in school!

After your goal is clear and you are ready and willing to do what it takes to achieve it, then you open yourself up to the “coincidences” and “miracles” that just naturally happen.  For example, you find the “right teacher,” the “right health clinic,” the “right dietician,” the “right book…”  Miracles are SUPPOSED to be happening all the time!!!  When they aren’t…it’s time to take a close look at your THOUGHTS.  

I like to say, “Your thoughts create your habits and your habits create your life!”

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