There are some essential supplements that I think any-body could benefit by including in your “medicine” cabinet:important vitamins

1.  Omega-3 oil:  our modern diet is typically void of this essential nutrient.  The best sources for omega-3 oil are eggs and fish.  A good quality fish oil or krill oil is the best way to supplement.  For vegetarians, you could use flax seed oil.  This vitamin is important for calming the nervous system and heart and reducing inflammation of any type.

2.  Probiotics:  due to the over-prescription of antibiotics, the wide-spread use of birth control pills, and the lack of adequate breastfeeding in babies, our guts are way imbalanced!  A good quality yogurt or kefir without sweeteners is a great way to get this nutrient through food.  Pill form is also ok.

3.  Multivitamin:  Standard Process has a good chewable multi for kids.  Adults can get a good quality multi and take 2 – 4 daily.  (1 just isn’t enough, usually.)  This vitamin will support overall health, energy, and immune system function.

Other supplements that are good for certain situations:

1.  Calcium-Magnesium:  the American diet is abundant in calcium, but rather deficient in magnesium.  Calcium will not be absorbed in your body without magnesium!!!  Magnesium-rich foods include seeds, cashews, leafy greens, and some kinds of fish.  Magnesium allows your muscles to relax, including the heart muscle.  This makes ideal to treat hypertension, irregular heart beat, constipation, and muscle cramps.  You can take a high dose short-term to reduce herpes breakouts.  

2.  B-Complex:  all of the B-vitamins are found in meat, so vegetarians tend to become B-deficient, unless they cook and eat a wide variety of vegetables, grains, and legumes.  A B-vitamin deficiency can lead to fatigue and emotional instability (mood swings, irritability, crying, bi-polar, depression, and anxiety, etc.).  

3.  Vitamins A and C:  these vitamins help to support your immune system as well as rebuild and repair body tissues.  They are essential for treating any sort of immune system disorder including arthritis, allergies, respiratory disease, and illness or surgery recovery.

4.  Animal Glandulars:  these products may include bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) thyroid, liver, adrenal gland, tendon, ovary, testicle, or other parts are used specifically to treat disorders in those glands in the human body.  It’s actually an old Chinese medicine idea:  …to treat X, you eat X…  For any vegetarians out there a note:  THESE ARE COMMONLY IN THE STANDARD PROCESS SUPPLEMENTS, NOT IN THE HERBAL MEDICINE.  ALL OF MY HERBAL MEDICINES ARE VEGETARIAN!!!

5.  Trace Minerals:  food such as sea salt, kelp, and root vegetables are rich in organically bound minerals such as iodine, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.  Our bodies don’t need a lot of these minerals, but a deficiency could lead to problems of the central nervous system such as mood disorders, thyroid problems, or fatigue.  

 End Note:  Investing in a HIGH-QUALITY vitamin ensures that it works in your body how it is supposed to!  “Cheap” vitamins usually end up being “expensive urine!”  …choose wisely…  Email me if you want more information!