What is real pleasure?  When I say “pleasure,” what instantly comes to mind?  Sleeping in…eating chocolate…kissing a loved one…

Pleasure in many senses is a taboo subject in our society.  Many of us grew up learning from our parents, teachers, and churches that trusting our intuition – our pleasure-guided internal gyroscope – will get us into trouble.   If you do what you want to do, you are being selfish, naughty, and sometimes even disobeying God!

I consider what I’m doing part of the “pleasure revolution”! …fighting for the right to have pleasure in your life!

More pleasure means:

  • Better mood (which means better relationships too)
  • Weight loss (pleasure hormones allow for weight loss and metabolism while stress hormones PREVENT weight loss)
  • Health (pleasure for me means regular body work like massage and acupuncture; exercise; and taking time to eat right)

How can we judge what is really giving us pleasure vs. something we think gives us pleasure but actually doesn’t?

Ask yourself this question, “Will this (thing I’m doing / food  / etc.) give me pleasure in a week?  …in a month?  …in a year?”  If the answers are “yes, yes, yes” then do it!

I’ll give you some examples:

“Will this (2nd glass of wine) give me pleasure in a week?…”  Hmmm…I will be more tired and dehydrated in the morning meaning less productive at work and not looking my best, so the answer is “no.”

“Will this (relaxing hot bath) give me pleasure in a week?…”  Hmmm…I will feel really relaxed and sleep better tonight and wake up really refreshed and ready to go.  I won’t be as stressed so I won’t overeat and will feel slim and great…so obviously the answer is “yes!”

“Will this (chocolate) give me pleasure in a week?…”  Hmmm…I really want chocolate and I know if I can just savor a few bites of it I will be satisfied and happier, so the answer is “yes.”

Of course, any of these situations depend on the context around them; you just have to figure out how these types of situations will fit into your life at that particular time.  The next time you are unsure if you are being a pleasure-seeker or if you are just over-indulging, try this test and see how it works!  Let me know how it goes!  Leave your comments below: