All of us have this internal list of things we would do differently “once we’re thin.”

“When I’m thin, then I’ll go swimsuit shopping…”

“When I’m thin, then I’ll start taking dance lessons…”

“When I’m thin, then I’ll start dating someone…”

We end up putting off our lives until we’re thin!

How about this idea instead:  live your life IN ORDER TO GET THIN!  One thing that I used to do is eat (and drink) while I was driving or watching TV.  I wouldn’t pay attention to enjoying my food, how my body was reacting, and how full I was getting.  Consequently, from the “mindless” eating and drinking, I would eat or drink too much.  I decided that “thin-Nicole” sits down to eat at the table.  I also stopped taking my morning coffee to-go, but sitting down for that too.  I use the “nice plates and glasses” and really look at, and smell my food.  I notice how I’m feeling as I’m eating.  As a result, I get fuller faster and enjoy it more.  I’m actually less-stressed and feel thinner!  

I love to use visualization of goals as a way of directing our thoughts into changing our habits which will, eventually, change our lives.

Try this one:  visualize what your life would look like when you are thin…

Now, give me the details:  what time do you wake up in the morning; what do you do with yourself all day; what do you do for lunch; what kind of job do you have; how much money do you make; what do you wear; what do you do after work or at the end of the day???

Please comment below!  Tell me the top 3 things that you would do different if you were thin…and how you’re going to start doing them NOW instead!