Extra body weight is like any other “symptom” in your body:  your body is trying to communicate with your brain.  Your “self” really has two parts, you see.  We have our mental acuity, the part that figures things out, our intelligence.  We also have an animalistic side.  This is the part of our body that is … our body.  Our bodies are more than just blobs of formed flesh that we lug around.  We are animals!  Our bodies are the part of us that is grounded in nature and that speaks to us, not in words, but in feelings.

natural weight lossBy “feelings” I mean more than just “happy,” “sad,” “mad…”  Feelings are the sensations in our body that we get throughout the day: prickles in our hands, pressure in our chest, heat in our stomach, weakness in our knees … this is how our body “speaks” to us.

When we stop listening to our body is when problems creep in.  It can certainly spiral out of control, too.

Instead of stopping to listen to what our body is trying to tell us, we get angry at our body.  “How could you be so fat?  Your stomach is disgusting!  I hate your thighs!”  


1. An apology goes a long way:   “Dear thighs, you have done SOOO much for me in my life!  You have walked me where I needed to go; you have ran me across the finish line of a 5K; you have gripped my lover so tightly (:” etc… “Dear stomach, I am so sorry that I have treated you so badly. You held a baby for me and helped me push him out.  You digest my food and are the center of my energy and power source.  I am so sorry that I have talked down to you and haven’t shown you much love lately.  Is there anything I can do for you now?”

2.  Ask your body what she (or he) needs from you:  Many times fatigue, thirst, stress, or illness are misinterpreted as hunger.  Maybe instead of a bag of chips, what your animal needs is a walk or a nap.  The only way to know is to ask.

3.  Find out what is in the way:  what really is going on in your intelligent mind?  What are you running from?  Who are you trying to please (at the expense of your own health)?  Only once the roadblocks to weight loss are figured out can you set yourself free from the extra pounds.

Coming Soon:  Intuitive Weight Loss Bootcamp!  Get real-life experience getting in better communication with your body.  The result:  permanent and pleasurable weight loss.  More information to come soon…