My reaction when people say to me, “So today’s my last treatment, right?”

It’s like saying, “So today’s the last day I need to exercise, right?”  Or, “This is my last haircut, right?” Or, “This is the last time I need to eat broccoli, right?”  

Your needs for acupuncture change over time.  Some problems go away, and your needed frequency and intensity of treatment reduces, but there’s always new stuff happening.  There’s always stress.  There’s always aches, pains, and head colds.  

Acupuncture at its best is actually a preventative medicine.  You can prevent problems from happening by doing acupuncture.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to show people how that works because… you feel fine!  I can’t say, “Wow!  You see how you didn’t get sick for the last year?  If you hadn’t come in, you surely would have been sick at least 3 times.”

There’s no way to prove that acupuncture can keep you well, so a lot of people choose to stop coming in when they feel better or when their treatment plan ends.  

But if you think of acupuncture as a health maintenance tool, kind of like an oil change and tire rotation maintains your car’s well-being, I do think you can prevent many types of dis-eases from occurring in the first place with regularly scheduled acupuncture.  


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