When you have your health, everything runs so much more smoothly.  Your job is easy; your home life is fun; you sleep good at night; it’s all good.

It’s like Spring-time.  

Just as sure as there is spring, there is winter.  And, yes, I’m speaking in metaphors here.

When you are in a personal winter-time, it’s like you just can’t catch a break.  One illness leads to another.  The pills aren’t working.  It starts to impact your mood.  Your mood and low energy start to impact your work.  Which impacts your money and time.  Which impacts everything else.

In spring, be thankful.  Also, stay vigilant.  Keep up your health maintenance:  eating healthy; maintain proper sleep habits; exercise.  Because winter is bound to be right around the corner.

Hopefully it’s a short one.

If you’re in winter, keep hope, because spring is next.

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