One-Does-Not-SimplyDo you ever feel stuck in a rut?  Suffering with the same problems day in and day out?  I’m going to give you a little bit of tough love about that.  The real problem is:  you’re not paying attention to what’s real.

We humans have this tendency to identify ourselves with our problems.  Such as “I am overweight.”  Or “I have an autoimmune (meaning ‘untreatable’) problem.”  Although it is true that those may be areas that need work, it is folly to believe that you ARE what you suffer with.

When people say “I can’t avoid gluten,” or “Every woman in my family has that (problem),” they disallow for changes to happen.  “I have always moved this way; I can’t change it.”  “I have a chemical imbalance in my brain; I need these medication.”  “I have to have a job I hate because I need the retirement fund.”  What you have here are limitations.  Those ideas are not absolute truths; they are what non-optimistic people refer to as “reality.”

Ok, yes, those things may be true.  Accidents happen; our bodies and minds suffer injuries; life is stressful. But our true identity is pure potential.  Life is potential.  If you have life, you have limitless options for how your future may unfold.

No one can predict from a DNA test on an embryo the overall potential that could unfold.  There are just too many variables.  Consider Helen Keller.  What if she had concluded as “reality” what people told her about her life potential.  “You can’t see or hear.  You won’t be creative.  You can’t communicate or think…”  She is a rare exception that she decided to carve out her own potential value and not listen to the masses.  Most of us are not that strong.

Back in the 1970s, MDMA was discovered and used therapeutically by psychologists to help people overcome depression.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever done MDMA (or “E” or “ecstasy”), and I DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING OFF THE STREET.  Sheesh, who knows what you’d end up with.  Anyway, what happens on an MDMA trip is you STOP THINKING ABOUT LIMITATIONS.  That is, the voice in your head that “brings you back to reality” stops talking.  All you hear and feel is the power of your own pure potential and other people’s pure potential.  It’s the feeling of true love; not romantic love but a love of humanity.

Ok, but then the drug wears off.  Then:  reality comes crashing back in.  This is when people become MORE DEPRESSED THAN EVER.  “Oh, those really good feelings weren’t real!  This is terrible!”  When this happens, you can be sure that this person has been ignoring the reality of their situation for far too long.

Reality is something that you deal with.  You make calls, appointments, and work.  You think things through.  You figure out answers.  You try new things.

But all the while, you don’t forget what your true nature is.  What do you dream for yourself; what do you desire?  What do you truly feel you deserve?  Pure love and potential deserves the best.  You deserve love.  You deserve to eat good foods.  You deserve break time.

You deserve to have health.  You deserve mental clarity.  You deserve to feel good in your own skin.

There have been times that I have forgotten my true potential and sank into a deep depression.  It’s nothing short of a miracle that I am alive today.  There have been at least 5 times that I should have died.  I think about all those newspaper articles of innocent people dying and I think, “How the heck did I survive this far when these other nice people didn’t make it?!”  My only answer is that I guess I am supposed to be alive for some purpose.  Otherwise all those stupid things I’ve done should have killed me; “thinning the herd,” so to say.

But something has kept me around.  Potential unfolds in its natural path.

Death is just another path.  One that we all must take.  Haha, sorry, I couldn’t help but throw another Lord of the Rings quote in there.  But Gandalf was right.  Death is but a beginning for another path.  I don’t care what religion you are, the fact is that energy is never created nor destroyed.  That is a scientific fact.  Energy just changes shape.  Our potential changes.

When we are stuck in a negative loop like “My job sucks but I have to do it,” or “sigh, just another day in this crappy relationship that I can’t leave,” or “I will never have the lifestyle that I dream of,” or “I could never go a day without a cigarette,” you are not seeing your true potential energy.  You are relating your life’s energy to the problem at hand.

the problem ≠ you

The real problem is that if you focus on the problem, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Meaning, the overall picture is that we are all in this together.  We are all working together, like it or not, to create meaning.  One nice thing about meditation is that in a state of calmness and clarity, you can see when other people are NOT calm nor clear.  When I’m calm and driving my car, I see the guy cut me off and I think in a non-judgmental but merely a curious way, “Why is he in such a hurry?  Is it a medical emergency?  Did his appendix explode and he’s on his way to the ER?”  No, probably not.

He’s just stressed out.  He’s focusing on those minute things that really don’t matter.  What matters is how we treat one another and our purpose that we devote to our lives.  What can you do to contribute to the good of our world?  How can you help?

You don’t have to be a volunteer at a soup kitchen to contribute.  How about being a good parent?  Raise the next generation a little smarter, a little kinder.  How about building houses?  People need good places to live.  How about being an artist?  Art is beauty personified and makes people happy.  Everyone has their purpose.  The more you realize it, the less you will focus on the problems.

Problems happen.  When you’re in a positive state of mind, you can properly deal with them and then quickly move on.  Don’t focus on the crap; focus on the purpose!