Why Creams Won’t Fix Your Cellulite

celluliteIs this not the most over-used phrase in advertising, “Get Rid of Your Cellulite Now!”  I would look at the ad, and think “Do people really think rubbing a cream on their thighs is going to get rid of something underneath the skin?”  But some people must because the creams and the ads just keep on coming.

For those of you new to “cellulite,” it’s a dimpling of the skin, usually in women, and usually around the buttocks and upper thigh area. 

What do I know about cellulite?  Not much because I’ve never really had it.  I’m not saying I couldn’t stand to lose a few, but I just have never had cellulite in particular.

My theory is that I walk a lot.  And the phases of my life where I’ve walked more I’ve had even more muscle tone and even less potentially cellulitey patches.  Not sure what else to call it.

So almost everything in Chinese medicine is based on blood circulation, right?  If something is not right on your skin (rashes, bumps, acne, veins, etc.) it always comes down to the circulation – for some reason – not reaching the surface.

A skin surface with proper circulation is a healthy color (not too pale or dusky) and smooth texture.  Anything with uneven texture is from fluid being trapped under the skin.

So why would fluid get trapped under the skin on my a**, you may be asking?

Because it’s not getting moved enough.

People want to blame genetics, and I could certainly point to all the women in my family (sorry, mom) and say that’s not necessarily true.  If it’s really genetic, wouldn’t we be born with cellulite?  Well, I guess babies are a little chubby by nature, but how about a 5-year-old or a 10-year-old?  Wouldn’t the “genetic” cellulite show up by then?  I have yet to see a 5 or 10-year-old kid with cellulite.  

How about those tribal women in National Geographic?  They walk around in loin cloths, and I see no one with cellulite.  And they’re not necessarily skinny, either.

Skinny people may actually have a high body fat percentage.  Also, skinny people can still have cellulite!  So it’s not just about being skinny vs fat.  Skinny does not mean healthy.  

It’s movement and circulation.  Move it or lose it.  

Improved muscle tone carries more blood circulation to the surrounding tissues.  More blood flow = less cellulite.  


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  1. You are absolutely right in this article. Creams don’t really work, at least not long term.
    Have you given the cellulite factor (www.cellulitefactor.info) a read? I’ve gotten rid of my cellulite using it and I have no complaints. Bikini season is upon us!


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