I was reading some online reviews of my business.  Have you ever heard of “negative bias?”  It’s a psychological phenomena where regardless of all the positive experiences we have, when we see, hear or experience something negative, we hold on to that memory instead of the positive stuff.  This is deeply ingrained in our mammalian brain as a survival mechanism, but in today’s world it just makes us anxious and depressed.  

For every 5 good reviews, there’s 1 bad one that I focus on.

Watching “Real Actors Read Yelp” on youtube makes it all better. 

But, the bright side of a bad review for me anyway is that I always learn from it and I always try to improve what the complaint originated from.  One thing I saw in the reviews was that “…I have to keep coming in to get better…”

Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.  

Why does acupuncture (or any natural way of healing for that matter) take so darn long?

Because the problem doesn’t happen overnight 90% of the cases.  

Your symptoms are the LAST things to show up.  Think of someone who has a heart attack.  Did their heart go bad suddenly overnight?  No way!  It’s been heading in that direction for years probably.  

People think allergies happen overnight.  While the symptoms of allergies can happen suddenly, the underlying cause of the allergies has been building up (slowly increasing histamine reactions in the liver for example) for months or even years.   

It often seems that weird pains can start overnight.  Again, unless you fell down and bumped your knee and now your knee hurts, weird inexplicable pains are the end result of years of imbalance:  old injuries, scar tissue, inflammation due to crappy diet, medication reactions in your body, etc.  

So the pain or the problem starts to get better with some natural treatment:  maybe acupuncture, chiropractic, or supplements.  But it’s still there.  It’s less frequent or less intense, but STILL THERE.  This is great!  This is normal, but this still needs treatment.  

Your symptoms are going away.  We are reversing years of damage and this takes time that is relative to how healthy the rest of your body and lifestyle support the natural treatment.  

Don’t fear moving slowly forward, fear not moving forward at all.  

Also, keep in mind that anything worth gaining – like your health and well-being – is worth working hard at.  Most things in life that are major accomplishments are not easily gained.  If it was easy, everyone would be really healthy and we know that’s not true.  

So when the problem is finally gone, why still get treatment or take supplements?  

Let me ask this:  why get oil changes for your car?  Why take showers or bathe regularly?  Why replace the air filters in your house?  


Just like you shave and wash and feed your body, you also need to regularly reverse micro-damages caused by daily stressors.  

With regular maintenance, you can avoid the time-consuming and expensive cost of treating major health issues.  

Spend a little more now on healthy food and periodic treatments and save later on:  rising insurance premiums, hospital stays, and medications.  

Real health insurance is ensuring your health.  

Oh, and yeah, if you’d like to leave a review of my business on Google or Yelp, please do so!  I promise I can take it.