i see a beePeer pressure influenced me to buy organic food.  Good peer pressure.  Of course I don’t want pesticides on my food.  The more I studied natural medicine, the firmer my affirmation to “go organic” was.  Avoiding cancer-causing agents?  Check.  Doing what’s best for the earth?  Check.  Not polluting our water supply?  Check.  Getting the most nutrition from the food I eat?  Check.  

If you want to see change in the world, vote with your dollars.  We support what we buy.  I do not support pesticides / Monsanto / farming subsidies, so I try to not buy conventional produce and animal products.  

Plus, organic tastes better!

Fact:  out of all the farm land in the US, only 1% is certified organic.  If we know it’s better for us, why so little?  The answer to every question of course:  money.  Farmers produce what brings them the most $.  Except for those special farmers who actually give a damn.  And bless them.

I got to meet one of those extra-special farmers last weekend in Wisconsin.  Me and a group of about 50 other acupuncturists from around the US got a tour of an organic farm where some of our nutritional products are grown.  It’s 400 acres and ran by a team of 7 people.  And they really care about the land in a way that you would want your food manufacturer to care.  


When Christine, our farmer and tour-guide, said this I immediately wrote it down.  Because modern farming with pesticides and fertilizers is EASY; almost lazy.  Modern medicine is easy / lazy too.  “Here’s your pill.  Have a nice day.”  Organic farming takes more work; healing without prescriptions / surgeries takes more work (usually).  But I think anything worth working hard for is usually worth it!

The farmers most unlikely to switch to organic farming practices are the older generations because they actually remember how hard farming was before RoundUp.  Christine said that the farms next door to theirs have a much shorter work season because they just spray the crops and then they’re pretty much done until harvest.  The watering is scheduled and the pesticide will kill anything else.  So they get to take a long vacation!  Christine and her crew are working several more weeks than that.

They weed the fields by hand:


This machine is pulled by a tractor and 2 helpers hand-weed the fields.  But – they’ve never had a crop ruined by pests.  Why is that?


The big secret sauce is crop rotation.  Most farms rotate like this – corn one year, soy the next, so the following year it’s back to corn, etc.  On Christine’s farm they rotate 7 different crops:  Spanish black radish, pea, cabbage, kale, wheat, etc.  The bugs never get a chance to take a hold of the crop they like.  

Also, different crops take different nutrients from the soil. This way the soil stays the most full of nutrition.  And the crops are nourished with fertilizer made from the unused plants and mulch from the last field cycle.  No manure fertilizer!

This goes for your body as well.  Diseases like to eat the same things.

People who do not get better with natural medicine tend to have sedentary diets.  They eat the same things every day.  Those dis-eases literally feed off that diet.  This is why I think an occasional cleanse is good.  It’s also good to eat a variety of healthy foods.  Not sure if you’ll like something different?  Try it anyway.  Different is good.  Live on the edge!  Be in that 1% of people who give a damn.