jumping kidsThere are two types of people out there:  people who say “I really should go work out,” and the people who DO go work out.  

I think it’s because of this reason: 

Fear.  Going out of our comfort zone is – well – uncomfortable!  I was at the children’s museum with my kids the other weekend.  One of my favorite thing to do there is watch the other parents.  🙂  I get realizations about human-nature this way.  Many adults don’t like to move very much.  Many people are content to just sit there, watching other people partake in the action.  Kids, on the other hand, have no such concept.  They will make sudden moves:  jump!  dance!  flap their hands!  yell!  splash!  I think deep down inside adults get inclinations to do things, but our outward composure tells us that’s inappropriate.  

You may think:  “What will those other people think of me (if I move / do something physical that’s unexpected)?”  I’ll tell you what they’ll think:  “That person is cool!  Look at them not giving a flying flip what anyone else thinks!” OR “…” nothing because most people are so preoccupied with themselves that they don’t even notice you exist.  Sorry if that’s a shock.  

For example, ever go out to the club and hear a song you love and want to dance, but no one else is dancing?  Do you hit the dance floor?  Well, you are one of few.  Most adults past the age of – oh, 23 – won’t do it.  They’re scared.  Although, I’ve seen that past a certain age, for some people maybe 70, this fear goes away.  Maybe they realize they’ve wasted too much energy restraining their energy over the years.  

All the effort going to restrain and compose yourself in public, not doing too much to make a scene, not making any “waves,” is actually keeping you out of the best shape of your life.  Especially if you’re starting from a position of being out of shape; the momentum to get started is the hardest.  Once you get past that hump, it gets so much easier and you will actually look forward to exercise.  

You don’t need a gym; you need regular movement.  Everyone has a list of movements they enjoy:  bike riding, walking, yoga, dance, skiing, swimming, horseback riding, etc.  Do what you can and do what you like and then, just do it. 

You may have to shock and surprise some people in your life.  “Honey, I’m going to go for an hour-long nature hike.  I’ll be back later.”  If this person really cares about you, they will be happy for you, or want to come with you.  If you’re in a relationship where someone is trying to stop you from moving, you may need a psychologist.  I’m not trying to be flippant, but you may be in a controlling relationship that is not healthy.   But chances are, that wouldn’t happen.  We just assume that the people in our lives don’t want us to change.  But I’m challenging you, if you’re not already regularly active, to take a chance and try a new routine of movement.  

Starting a new exercise class or skill takes massive bravery.  The first time I walked into a Kung Fu class 18 years ago I was nervous as hell!  I couldn’t find the place, and part of me was just like, “Well, I can’t find it.  I better just go home.”  But I really wanted to do it so I just sucked it up and made it happen.  I’m sure I looked like an idiot; I didn’t even know how to make a fist, let alone do anything with it.  But, only with time and persistence can you learn something new.  Before then, you have to take the risk that you may look a little dumb for a while.  But really, who cares?!  Once you have that new, bad-ass skill down, all those nay-sayers better watch out!