Happy Halloween!


Wanna hear a scary story? 

A former patient of mine had come in to my office with a terrible ringing in her ear.  She felt it had something to do with a radio antenna just installed close to her home.  The ringing was incessant and severe.  She couldn’t sleep or function during the day.  Acupuncture provided some relief, but the problem would come back as soon as she went back home. 

Out of desperation to feel better, she relented to having brain surgery.  She came in for a treatment soon after, her whole head bandaged up.  The surgeon had cut one of her auditory nerves, I believe.  This was a while back, so I don’t exactly remember, and I lost touch with her soon after this, unfortunately.  She still had the ringing in her ears.  And other members of her family were having health problems coming up too. 

It’s horrifying to think that something around all of us all the time could cause serious health problems. 

With the cell phone technology, wireless everything, smart TVs, ear buds and apple watches, we are being bombarded with invisible radio waves non-stop. 

Some studies have shown that it may lead to the growth of tumors or cancerThe waves heat up whatever is in its vicinity.  Imagine what this hot radiation can do to your brain, or if it’s in your pocket, to your sex organs.  Studies or not, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to have too much exposure. 

And some of us are more sensitive to it than others.  But at some level, it’s affecting all of us.

Why are mental illnesses on the rise?  Could be that we’re more likely to talk about our emotions now, but could it also be the rise of modern technology? 

We’re all addicted to our gadgets, and we can’t totally escape from them unless we leave the planet. 

Until then, here’s what I recommend to reduce the effects on your brain and nervous system.

  1. At night, keep all wireless gadgets out of your bedroom.  If you need to use your phone for an alarm clock, put it in airplane mode.
  2. Don’t charge your devices in your bedroom.  And when you’re done charging, unplug it. 
  3. If you have an apple watch, keep it in airplane mode. Better yet, just get a regular watch.
  4. Opt for wired service (plug in with an ethernet cable) instead of using a wireless router.
  5. Unplug and shut off your devices whenever you can, especially at night. 
  6. Stop using all wireless devices at least one hour before bedtime.
  7. Never put a cell phone up to your ear.  Use the speaker phone option.
  8. Limit cell phone or ipad use for kids, especially. 
  9. Don’t use those ear bud things.  Plus, they look ridiculous.  Sorry, sometimes the fashion police in me has to say something.

Try this for a week and let me know if you notice any changes.