your opinionWhat Would I (Nicole) Do if I had Cancer???

People ask my opinion about things and – in regards to medical information – I readily give it.  By no means am I suggesting this cancer treatment protocol for “you,” though.  Take my advice with a grain of salt and trust your own instincts.      

Legally is another ballgame altogether.  By the laws regulating my medical license, I can not suggest that someone should alter their physician’s recommended course of action.  Certainly the MDs are often quick to judge and condemn Chinese medicine, particularly the herbal part (of which they rarely know anything about), but the laws are more set up to protect the MDs than the acupuncturists and Chiropractors because, well, they have more money.

So if I was diagnosed with some type of cancer, gawd forbid, this is what I would do.

First, I’m sure I would notice some types of unusual symptoms not clearing up on their own.

When this happens, I am lucky in that I can self-prescribe herbs, nutritional changes, or acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic and usually make a full recovery pretty quick.  Let’s just say for argument’s sake that I am not so lucky this time.  Let’s say I have an abdominal pain that is not going away.  Then what?  See an MD to get some testing done and find out what it is.

The most common question I hear every week is “does acupuncture fix ____?”  The answer is more often than not, “it depends on what is causing ______.”  Only with a proper diagnosis and understanding of the why can we assign the proper treatment.  This is what I often see lacking in Western medicine.  They don’t bother telling people why they end up with _____.  Sure, there’s always a pill for _____, but how to we avoid getting the _____ in the first place?  How can I make sure the _____ is not going to come back again?  The Western approach leaves too many questions unanswered.

arnold tumorBut what a good Western doc can do for me is:  tell me what I have.  Is it a tumor?   Is it cancer?  Is it spreading or contained?  

Next, I will devise my treatment protocol.  

I am not satisfied with the Western medical treatment for cancer.  I have seen too many people die.  In fact, just in the last year, I have known 4 people who have passed from cancer.  These people were not old, either.  One was just a young girl; two were women in their early 40s; and one was actually a former employee of mine, a woman in her 60s.  Dutifully doing what their doctors recommend, and still not making it.  

Don’t let any medical professional dictate to you what your body needs without your whole-hearted consent.  In other words, do not fall for fear techniques.  If something resonates within you as true or not true, go with that feeling.  If your intuition says “get a 2nd opinion,” honor that.  By telling someone “yes” when every cell in your body is saying “no” you are giving away your personal power.  

My biggest beef with the Western approach to cancer treatment is that they tell their patients to avoid any and all supplements and herbal remedies.  I don’t know how they get away with this legally.  If another person who is licensed by the state medical board recommends a protocol of herbs or high-quality food-grade supplements, how can they say to not take those?  They didn’t study Chinese herbs in medical school.  What they know about herbs comes – I’m assuming – mostly from the internet.  Doctor Google.  “Acupuncture is OK,” they say, “but don’t ingest anything into your body.”  Right.  Cancer is an internal illness.  Acupuncture is an external treatment.  Sure, it is helpful, but it’s not doing nearly as much as the herbs or supplements could.  

Radiation and chemotherapy treatments destroy the root of your entire immune system.  Note:  I’m not saying “don’t do it,” but I can see how it would work so much better if the docs allowed their patients to take things that supported their blood and qi in the process.  It’s like if they were to prescribe someone antibiotics and then say “don’t take any probiotics during this process.”  Sure:  just kill all the beneficial stuff in your gut and don’t put any of it back in.  Go ahead and sign me up for a lifetime of health problems right now.  Better make sure and get the best insurance policy for that bill because it’s going to cost the big $$$.  

Here’s a breakdown of the essentials in my (fictitious) anti-cancer treatment program:

* To cut or not?  

In some instances, I think opting to remove a (cancerous) tumor is smart.  

Removing an entire organ…maybe not, and I would certainly think long and hard and weigh all options before signing “yes” to that.  

“Experimental surgery” such as opening my chest cavity and scraping out a lot of tissue (I seriously had a patient whose oncologist recommended this option to her) hoping that they slice all the cancer out; no way.  

* Lots of vitamins and supplements.  I recommend only the highest quality, whole foods-based supplements such as Standard Process.  For cancer, I would take the

  • Protomorphogen for the affected organ or area; 
  • Multivitamin (such as Catalyn) that contains vitamin D, A, and C
  • Essential fatty acid such as fish oil or flaxseed oil
  • Calcium lactate with magnesium

* Whole body support in the form of herbal medicine 

  • Chinese herbs such as frankincense and myrrh help to encapsulate cancer cells and expel them from the body
  • Other herbs such as bai hua she she cao (white snake grass), bai jiang cao, jiang can, yu xing cao (fishy-smelling herb :), or bai zhi lian have anti-cancer properties
  • Depending on other symptoms, we can use herbal formulas such as Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan to balance hormones; bai shao (peony root), chai hu (bupleurum), or sheng di huang (rehmanniae) to soften the Liver; zhe bei mu, gua lou, or bai bu to clear heat from the Lungs; etc. Herbal formulas can be concocted to treat the whole condition of the person, not just one thing

* Diet modifications

  • Green tea one to two times daily for its antioxidant properties 
  • Wheat grass “shots” daily for more antioxidants
  • Vegetables juices daily for even more enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants (see a pattern here???)
  • NO sugars:  no sweeteners, no dairy, no processed grains
  • NO artificials:  if it’s made in a lab, don’t eat it (or put it on your body)
  • Apparently cannabinoids have anti-cancer properties?  Sounds good.  But maybe just on the weekends.  

* Lifestyle changes

Heck, this is maybe a good way to live even if you don’t have cancer!  

I would like to know:  do you know someone close to you going through a cancer treatment protocol in the past or currently?  Have you been through cancer treatment?  What did you wish the oncologists did differently, if anything?  Thanks for your input!