Acupuncture can help you achieve the health and vitality you need to enjoy your life.

For 5,000 years, Oriental Medicine, which includes acupuncture and herbal therapies, have been helping people get out of pain, feel more energy, and clear their minds.  Wellness is not found in one single isolated item – like a drug.  Healing your body at a cellular level and maintaining that vibrancy is wellness.  

Why Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?

80 – 90% of all health problems can be treated with our care of balanced nutrition, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicines.

As your body systems return to health, you will find yourself more centered, relaxed, and energetic.

Modern stresses may never totally go away, but we certainly have the power to change how we handle them.

Discover the Natural Way Back to Health & Happiness

“I had been dealing with hot flashes and sleepless nights for a couple of years.  After a few visits with Nicole, I started taking herbs and started sleeping better and the hot flashes diminished.  I also had treatment for allergies and knee pain.  The herbs work!  Through the appointments I learned a lot about my eating habits and was able to lose weight too.  I am currently doing great and feeling healthy!  Thank you NHC!” -Sharon


With treatment in our clinic, you should be able to feel some improvement within the first few visits.

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Self Love

I have fallen madly, passionately, head-over-heels in love with … myself. I think we have a tendency to brush off the idea, “yeah, I love myself.  Anyway, now back to the important things I was doing…” But if you think about what it means to be in love and how you want to be loved, it can take on a whole new dimension.   WHAT WE WANT In a relationship, we want to be told we’re beautiful, and have the person really, truly mean it (not like, “you’d be more beautiful IF…”).  We want to have our needs met on demand:  whether that’s a need for a jacket when it’s cold outside or a glass of water when we’re thirsty.  We want our ideas listened to and thought about in a considerate way.  We want to not be rushed – ever. Why can’t we do this for ourselves?  If we’re not doing that, why not? I think at some level, we all love ourselves.  I never thought to myself, “I don’t like / love myself.”  But a good relationship – or even better than that – a great relationship celebrates that love, or you could call it a romance even to a higher degree. When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone (like yourself), you tend to start taking the love for granted.  “Of course I love myself, why wouldn’t I?”  But I like the idea of rekindling the self-love / romance for yourself. STOP WITH THE “C-WORD” That’s “criticism.” Being self-critical is the antagonist of self-love.   No-one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is... read more

How to Get Fit

Exercise doesn’t have to be punishment.  In fact, your results will infinitely improve if you enjoy the process, not torture yourself. Exercise as a form of punishing yourself to fitness will never work in the long run because #1 you will hate it and eventually quit #2 stress hormones cause weight gain So find something you love to do and do it.  Don’t worry about calories burned.  Don’t worry about what your favorite celebrities are doing to stay fit.  Don’t worry about what your friends will think. Just move your body. Enjoy the movement:  the sensations that you get from your body as you move.   A lot of times the “exercise” doesn’t sound like real exercise.  Like archery or skiing.  It’s more like a hobby.   In France and New York City, people walk everywhere so they don’t necessarily have to make a concerted effort to “work out,” because their life is a series of movements.   Some of the fittest people I know are training for a special event:  a dance competition, a cycling race or triathlon, or a baseball/football/tennis game.  In these cases, I don’t think the person struggles to make it to the gym because the bigger goal is in mind:  the performance and, well, winning.  Because winning is fun – for some.  And performing is fun for some people too.   So, what’s fun for you?  What inspires your body to move more?... read more

Beef: friend or foe?

  Red meat is perhaps the most misunderstood food out there. “Red meat increases your cholesterol.”  “Red meat makes you gain weight.”  “Red meat is bad for your digestion.”  “I’m eating so bad this week. (ME: ‘what are you eating?’) Red meat.”   Here’s the true facts about beef (and buffalo and lamb): Quality Matters Not all red meat is made the same.  Conventional feeding organizations (CFO), where most of the meat in the US is from, (98.5% of it to be exact) unfortunately, is not the same as the grass-fed beef from your local farmer’s market.  CFO cows are usually fed corn and soy, which makes the animal fatter, and, therefore, more toxic.  The vitamin content in the meat is less than it is from healthy cows.  Cows in nature, AKA healthy cows, eat grass.  The beef has more omega 3s and typically doesn’t have added chemicals like hormones and antibiotics that many CFOs use on their animals. Find What Works For Your Body Type Rather than blindly agreeing to the latest food documentary, book, or even what I say, try it yourself.  If you’re tired, anemic, or have “O” blood type, try incorporating a small amount of good quality red meat into your diet one or two times a week.  Pay attention to how you feel afterward.   Some people do have food allergies, which may include beef.  If you feel terrible after eating it, you should seek the help of a clinical nutritionist who can direct you to other options for optimizing your diet, and possibly use NAET or food enzymes to improve your body’s reactions... read more

If You Have Social Anxiety, Read This

The things that we see in other people that make us nervous … or angry …  or hopeful … or jealous … are things that we are and that we do too. You’re unique, but yet, you’re not.  We all experience very similar things at different times. *Someone is driving bad.  So do you (at times, come on, admit it). *Someone you see looks great, but they seem a little too cocky about it.  A little stuck up.  There’s a part of you that can look down on others too. *Some people accomplish a lot, they’re heroes.  Selfless and giving.  You have the same capacity for helping others too. *Someone is spacing out and not listening to you.  You do that too at times. *OMG, they’re so cute!  You are cute! *Someone close to you notices all your faults and points them out to you.  I’m sure you do that to people you’re close to as well. *Someone is looking a little rough; a little unkempt.  How did you look when you just woke up this morning?*You notice someone who looks just perfect:  perfect body, perfect hair, perfect clothes.  You have looked that good to someone before too. *The homeless man on the corner.  We’ve all lost jobs before or made bad decisions.  We all have ups and downs. *You notice someone’s hair loss or wrinkles; that’s going to be you some day. *Someone is bigger (or smaller) than you.  Everyone is bigger or smaller than someone else. *Someone’s being loud when you’re trying to relax or concentrate.  Sometimes you’re loud too. *If you’re crushingly depressed, someone else has... read more

Dear Vegans,

Vegan diets have become more popular in the last couple years.  Don’t get me wrong:  a vegan meal can be very healthy.  Vegetables are necessary and so good for you; they’re the best!  But for some nutrients – zinc, B12, protein, D, omega 3s, and iron – the best source for these are animal proteins.  Sure, you can take a vitamin for those missing nutrients, but the quality of most vitamins are quite terrible.   Most vitamins are synthetic and made in a laboratory.  Centrum, a multivitamin many trust, is made by the drug company Pfizer.  Of course, how they make the vitamins are closely guarded industry secrets.  I’ve heard that synthetic B-vitamins are made from coal tar and other unsavory things.  If they were made from real food, they would list real food on the label.   Enriched foods laden with synthetic B-vitmains, like some cereals, rice, and flours, are worse for you than a B-vitamin deficiency.   Dogs fed a diet of synthetic B-vitamins suffered neuromuscular degeneration and early death (Dr. Agnes Fay Morgan’s studies).  The problem with synthetic vitamins is that they’re too pure!  Meaning, our bodies are meant to digest and assimilate nutrients in their natural state.  The natural state of food – all real foods – is a mixture of several elements:  fats, vitamin compounds, and fiber, for example.  Many long-standing vegans and vegetarians will argue that all those nutrients are found in plants.  But for our bodies we want the “best source” for those nutrients not just “any source.”  Some things are more bioavailable and easily absorbed in some forms than in others.... read more

Antidote to Technology Addiction

How do you feel about “namaste?”   I don’t say it.  You’re supposed to say it at the end of yoga class with your hands in prayer position, but I typically rebel against most things you’re “supposed to do.”   Mostly it’s because I don’t really understand the meaning of it.  I’m not Hindu and I won’t pretend to be for someone else’s comfort.   Another phrase that I instantly turned up my nose to was “holding space,” as in “you need to hold space for someone…” “Holding space,” phhhft.  “What a bunch of hippies!” Now you still won’t catch me saying those words; it helps if you say it with an ultra-spiritual voice, “holding space.”  But I have come to understand the meaning. And the meaning is important.   Listening to someone without interrupting is holding space.   Being with someone as they’re going through some intense emotional shit is holding space.   Pretending to be Rainbow Dash when your daughter asks you to play my little ponies with her is holding space.   Scheduling time for an acupuncture treatment is holding space for yourself. Holding space means taking the time without being overly concerned about the time being taken.   And I think it may be the antidote to all the craziness we’re dealing with:  consumerism, violence, Netflix-and-iphone-techno-binges, sexism, racism, classism, hey, it’s starting to sound like a John Lennon song here.   So how about for the holidays, you hold some space.   Namaste.  ... read more

The Breakfast Test

What are the best breakfasts? Yes, some foods are healthier than others, and a lot of what your body needs to eat depends on, well, your body, and your needs will fluctuate over time as well. Do the “breakfast test”    Take 4 or 5 different ideas for breakfast and just carefully track how each makes you feel for a few hours afterward.  Of course, eat the breakfasts on different days, not all in the same day!  And I would even try one breakfast meal idea several times over a longer period of time before forming an opinion to how it makes you feel.   When I did my own breakfast test, these were the meals that I tested out: Breakfast #1:  bacon and eggs Report:  decent energy and satiated until afternoon Breakfast #2:  yogurt with nuts and fruit Report:  low energy and hungry almost instantly afterward Breakfast #3:  bacon, eggs, and sprouted grain toast with butter Report:  OK energy but hungry just a few hours after Breakfast #4:  eggs and kale salad Report:  great energy and full until lunch time Breakfast #5:  eggs, bacon and kale salad Report:  the best energy and full until almost 2 or 3 pm I’m not saying that I found the one true breakfast for everyone, because we are all different, but since I am carb-sensitive (and I know many of you are too!), one of the lowest carb meals with the highest fat content won out.  Just eggs and bacon was OK, but I definitely noticed better energy when I added in some vegetables. Try it out: See what your body is... read more

A Must-Read for People with Chronic Allergies

Last month I started coughing – with no other symptoms – and it was really bad.  Like hacking up a lung kind of bad.  I tried every single herbal remedy and vitamin I could get my hands on.  It would get a little better, but it just kept coming back. Out of desperation, after 2 weeks of coughing, I finally went to a MD.  He wanted to test me for the flu (I know what the flu feels like and this wasn’t it) which I refused.  Then he tested me for my lung capacity … which was low.  Big surprise there.  He gave me an inhaler which he guilt-tripped me into trying.  I did, and I hated every anxiety-inducing minute that crap was in my body.   Then he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and a cough suppressant.  Which is exactly what I expected him to do.  And I took them like a good patient does.  Except that inhaler.  I tossed that in the trash as soon as I could.  I know I’m not an asthmatic.   I didn’t take the antibiotic prescription lightly.  Taking antibiotics is what got me into Chinese medicine in the first place.  In the past – over 22 years ago – I kept getting prescribed antibiotics for things that were not due to bacteria!   And here I was again.  I was really torn, emotionally, about taking them, but I did take them. The prescription antibiotics worked nominally, but I certainly was not 100% better.  On my last dose of antibiotics I was coughing so hard that I vomited on my floor.  Right... read more

When It Rains It Pours

When you have your health, everything runs so much more smoothly.  Your job is easy; your home life is fun; you sleep good at night; it’s all good. It’s like Spring-time.   Just as sure as there is spring, there is winter.  And, yes, I’m speaking in metaphors here. When you are in a personal winter-time, it’s like you just can’t catch a break.  One illness leads to another.  The pills aren’t working.  It starts to impact your mood.  Your mood and low energy start to impact your work.  Which impacts your money and time.  Which impacts everything else. In spring, be thankful.  Also, stay vigilant.  Keep up your health maintenance:  eating healthy; maintain proper sleep habits; exercise.  Because winter is bound to be right around the corner. Hopefully it’s a short one. If you’re in winter, keep hope, because spring is... read more

Root Cause of AutoImmune Dis-Ease

  When diagnosed with an autoimmune problem like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Endometriosis, Chron’s, Grave’s and even, one could argue, Cancer, among many others, the prescribed solution never addresses the root of the problem.  In fact, the question of WHY this condition occurs in the first place is rarely addressed. There’s a (controversial) theory circulating in natural healing groups that the underlying cause of most types of AiD (autoimmune dis-ease) are covert, or hidden, pathogens. Pathogens, including things like viruses, protozoa, helminths (worms), bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasmas are really smart little creatures.  They can hide in your body, hide from your immune system, for years.   New scientific research has found that Ebola, for example, can survive for years in eyeballs and also in testes!  The influenza virus can enter the body virtually undetected by our immune systems because of a protein coat surrounding its DNA structure.  Herpes virus has a way to eliminate the toll-like receptors that attach to its surface that would normally tell your body to seek and destroy it.   Tuberculosis bacterium releases a protein that triggers a response within a microphage so that instead of engulfing and destroying the bacterium, it allows the bacterium to live and replicate inside of the macrophage.   The trigger for Lyme disease, Borrelia Bacterium, is like a super-villan.  It has a flagella structure to speed through your body, even through structures that would stop most invaders, like thick mucous.  Then, it can change shape.  An invader is brought to your body’s attention via its unique cell wall protein structure, but Borrelia can alter its structure.  So when your body... read more

Why Do I Need So Many Treatments?

I was reading some online reviews of my business.  Have you ever heard of “negative bias?”  It’s a psychological phenomena where regardless of all the positive experiences we have, when we see, hear or experience something negative, we hold on to that memory instead of the positive stuff.  This is deeply ingrained in our mammalian brain as a survival mechanism, but in today’s world it just makes us anxious and depressed.   For every 5 good reviews, there’s 1 bad one that I focus on. Watching “Real Actors Read Yelp” on youtube makes it all better.  But, the bright side of a bad review for me anyway is that I always learn from it and I always try to improve what the complaint originated from.  One thing I saw in the reviews was that “…I have to keep coming in to get better…” Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.   Why does acupuncture (or any natural way of healing for that matter) take so darn long? Because the problem doesn’t happen overnight 90% of the cases.   Your symptoms are the LAST things to show up.  Think of someone who has a heart attack.  Did their heart go bad suddenly overnight?  No way!  It’s been heading in that direction for years probably.   People think allergies happen overnight.  While the symptoms of allergies can happen suddenly, the underlying cause of the allergies has been building up (slowly increasing histamine reactions in the liver for example) for months or even years.    It often seems that weird pains can start overnight.  Again, unless you fell down and bumped... read more