Acupuncture can help you achieve the health and vitality you need to enjoy your life.

For 5,000 years, Oriental Medicine, which includes acupuncture and herbal therapies, have been helping people get out of pain, feel more energy, and clear their minds.  Wellness is not found in one single isolated item – like a drug.  Healing your body at a cellular level and maintaining that vibrancy is wellness.  

Why Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?

80 – 90% of all health problems can be treated with our care of balanced nutrition, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicines.

As your body systems return to health, you will find yourself more centered, relaxed, and energetic.

Modern stresses may never totally go away, but we certainly have the power to change how we handle them.

Discover the Natural Way Back to Health & Happiness

“I had been dealing with hot flashes and sleepless nights for a couple of years.  After a few visits with Nicole, I started taking herbs and started sleeping better and the hot flashes diminished.  I also had treatment for allergies and knee pain.  The herbs work!  Through the appointments I learned a lot about my eating habits and was able to lose weight too.  I am currently doing great and feeling healthy!  Thank you NHC!” -Sharon


With treatment in our clinic, you should be able to feel some improvement within the first few visits.

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A Decision is Not Just an Event, It’s a Path

Tough love time. (No, not like that!) It’s about your life decisions.   When you’re a baby, it’s OK to make decisions based on emotions.  You see a cookie, then you eat it.  No worries about tomorrow – about consequences.   When you’re an adult, you have to start making decisions based on how they will effect you tomorrow.  It’s no longer acceptable to make decisions based on emotions. It’s like when you’re driving.  Good drivers are paying attention to what’s 2 or 3 blocks ahead of them.  Bad drivers are reacting to every little thing – slamming on the brakes at the last minute; causing accidents. What you eat and how you think and how you move dictate what pre-determined path you’re on.  They also affect the people in your life. Yeah, sure, muffins are delicious.  For now.  Today’s delight on your tongue is tomorrow’s spare tire.  The spare tire turns into diabetes.  The diabetes and excess weight strains your heart and then you have hypertension.  The medications leave you feeling tired.  The lack of exercise makes the other problems worse and also your body starts hurting everywhere because you can’t move it properly.  Next thing you know, you’re spending your long-awaited retirement years alive, but with no life.   And it all comes down to decisions.   Once you’re an adult, it’s no longer a matter of “bad genes” or “bad luck.”  Lots of people have “bad genes” and have gone through periods of bad luck – we all have.  But it’s ultimately your decision how to react to these things.  If your spouse is bringing pizza home for... read more

One Vital Ingredient for Weight Loss

Oxygen. Breath. Without deep, conscious breath, it’s easy to eat mindlessly, unaware of satiety. Nourishment of your body can and should be a spiritual ritual.   What else is holding you onto this earth if not food and oxygen?   Why rush through it? When you breathe deep and fill your whole lungs up with air, you become more aware of your body. We tend to make the ritual of eating more like a chore of feeding.  We think, “I’m hungry; let’s eat.” In your head you have a mental list of foods you have enjoyed in the past.  The less consciousness you put on this memory, the more likely you are to grab at things that you remember gave you a sensation of happiness, like sugar, for instance.  You remember that taste sensation and associate it with happiness. Cravings are nothing but food memories. Tweet This Instead, take a minute.   Seriously, just ONE MINUTE.  SIXTY SECONDS.  And breathe.  Just take some time to LISTEN to what your body is actually hungry for.  What she needs to be nourished, fulfilled, and energized for the day.  You may choose differently. As you eat, don’t snarf food down like a dog. Breathe, chew a lot, and feel your body.  Feel what your body is telling you as you eat.  Are you full yet?  Are you still hungry?  Whatever the answer, honor your body and her / his sensations. Yes, you can find peace with your body.  And it will involve listening to her / him. And the only way you can listen is by oxygenating each cell.  The oxygen, or in... read more

Protect Your Knees

One important thing to remember when you’re standing is that you never want to lock your knees.  Most everyone says, “Oh, yeah, I never do that.”  But I tell you what – I thought I never did that until I really paid attention to my body during times of the day when we normally don’t pay attention to those things and I was in fact locking my knees.  And I had chronic knee pain and problems.   When we lock our knees, we lose the basic structure of our bodies that keeps us in optimal alignment:  hips anteverted; back and neck straight; and abs strong.  Proper standing structure is essential for proper walking structure.  And, if you’re a runner, all of this needs to be on point if you care to run without pain!   Not only that, but do this fun experiment:  the next time you’re at a coffee shop waiting in line, look around at everyone’s knees.  You will see almost everyone doing one of these variations: (L to R) locking knees with OK pelvis and back structure locking one knee (in this case it’s his left knee) locking both knees with tucked pelvis locking both knees with tucked pelvis and rounded shoulders locking both knees with ribs sticking out (over-arched back or “sway-back”) locking one knee (right) and slumping back and shoulders forward locking one knee with hip jutted out to the side of the locked leg one knee locked one knee locked with hip sticking out to one side Here’s another good one.  See if you can find out what’s going on with their posture.  ... read more

Natural Lice Treatment

I can confidently say, without a single doubt in my mind, that the natural treatment for lice is WAY more effective than that chemical crap they sell you over the counter.   BTW, the chemical stuff (I won’t name names…) doesn’t work on lice anymore because the lice have MUTATED and are now IMMUNE to it.  Plus, they give you that crappy little comb that does nothing to get the nits out.  And, you’re about to find out, it’s the combing that does all the magic for the permanent removal of lice.   If you have school-aged children, I recommend doing this treatment on them once per week as a preventative.   If you find anything in there, you will have been quick enough to get it out and prevent too much of an infestation, plus you will – over a few days time – get out all the eggs she laid on your head (I know, I know, it’s really, really horrific). For your treatment, you need only 2 instruments. Industrial-grade nit comb. (Walmart, $10) Olive oil. Plus, I would also have some old towels to use around your shoulders (olive oil stains) and on the floor under where you’ll be standing.  One more thing:  paper towels.  Have the whole roll nearby, and wet one at a time to use for wiping off your nit comb.   Put some towels on the floor first.  Be next to a sink or in the bathtub.  Really drench the hair with olive oil.  The bugs can’t hold on to your hair so good with the oil and will slide off easily... read more

What Do Women (Really) Want?

I will be using “adult language” in this blog, so if you’re a sensitive little snowflake, this is your warning. Female libido is complex.  We tend to put most of the blame for low sex drive on hormone changes, or stress, but there’s something else you just have to know. Your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. 8,000. Why is this significant? The penis has 4,000.  Yet, in the act of heterosexual relations, the penis gets all the attention.   8,000 nerve endings that serve no purpose whatsoever except to experience pleasure.   It’s like you go into your garage and you expect to see your old, broken down car.  Then, like in a dream, you go out and you see a brand new, shiny Lamborghini.  “Oh, my gosh, I didn’t even know this was here!”   But how do you drive it?  What if you crash?  What if someone tries to steal it?  Don’t worry, girl, we’re going to figure all this out. For all women, it’s time to get pussified.  The word “pussy” is usually a put-down, right?  I think it’s time for that to change.  If someone calls you a “pussy,” they mean a sign of weakness.  Pussies are definitely not weak.  Pussies are way stronger than man parts.  You barely tap a guy on his privates and he’ll drop to his knees.  Pussies take way more of a beating and recover quick.   I say we change the meaning of “pussy” to mean something different than “weakness.”   How about when something is “pussy,” it’s something that is delightfully feminine.  For example, last week my husband... read more

When To Give Up Convincing Someone About Their Health

I remember times in the early days of my practice or even before that when I first found an interest in nutrition.  I remember trying to convince people of what I strongly knew to be true, but I could not for the life of me figure out why everyone else was so stubborn-headed and dead-set on not getting healthy.  (My thinking at the time🙂  after all, once you know that grocery store milk is full of artificial hormones that make the cows fat and antibiotics that lead to antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, and it just causes phlegm in your body, and it’s only purpose is to make baby cows into big cows, then why on earth would you want to drink that?!) Yeah, I couldn’t figure out why criticizing someone’s food choices didn’t inspire them to make positive changes in their life…silly me.   Now I see my 8-year-old son trying to force his sister to do something like hand him a toy that he wants.  I tried to tell him, “Try persuading her instead of forcing her,” but I’m not sure that was very good advice.  Sometimes you just can’t even persuade people.   Force is definitely wrong, but persuading can be kind of smarmy too.  Especially if the other person is like, “Um, no.  No way.  Never.  Nuh-uh.  Not gonna do it.”   There were times when I knew that someone would respond favorably to acupuncture, but I couldn’t convince them to give it a good, solid try.  I used to use all these psychological tricks, like asking them how their problem would change over time (hint:  it’s always going to... read more

Eye Health

I confused the hell out of my ophthalmologist a while back.   “Hmmm…this is unusual.”  He was checking and rechecking some things.  “Huh.  Normally at your age people’s eyesight gets worse, but yours is going in a more ‘favorable direction.’  Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”   The prescription for my near-sightedness on both eyes was 1/4 a point better (from -3.25 to -3 on the right eye and -2.5 to -2.25 on the left eye), and my astigmatism in both eyes improved.  No sign of any far-sightedness yet.   So, here’s what I’ve been doing 🙂 RELAXING MY EYES We’re so unaware of how much tension we hold in our faces through the day.  The main reason I even started caring about this was to prevent wrinkles, but I think the benefits have extended beyond the superficial.   There is a theory on natural eyesight healing that near-sightedness and far-sightedness is due to tension around the eyeball.  The current medical model says that your cornea is either too strong (near-sighted) or too weak (far-sighted), but this theory goes a step further to say that the cornea changes in strength due to straining to see. So I consciously decided not to strain to see things.  If something is blurry far away, I just go closer.  I look away from the computer several times an hour when I’m working on it to relax my eyes.  If I’m reading or watching a movie and it’s hard to keep my eyes focused, I stop trying to focus and do something else (like go to sleep!).  I even try, when I’m at home and not doing much,... read more

Qi Gong Workshop

Master Jeff Hughes has been training martial arts since 1974.  He has been teaching Chinese Kung Fu in Austin since 1995 to thousands of students.  His own health journey led him to practicing the Asian art of Qi Gong. There are different types of Qi Gong exercises.  At this workshop, you will learn the “8 Brocade Qi Gong.”  There are 8 movements, each of which strengthens and conditions a different organ or body part. This Qi Gong is a gentle exercise used to heal your internal organs and improve your health.  It’s considered “medical Qi Gong” that almost everyone can practice it regardless of your current health condition. Conditions benefitted from Qi Gong exercises: Anxiety / Stress / PTSD / Insomnia / Depression Joint Pain (back, hips, knees, ankles, fingers, elbows, shoulders, neck, wrist, etc.) Weight Gain Immune Disorders Fatigue SATURDAY, MAY 13 10 am – 12... read more

Acupuncture and Science

I love the skeptics:  “I’m a scientist, so I have a hard time believing in acupuncture.” My response:  “People used to not believe in bacteria, but they would still get sick.”   What I remember from 4th grade science class is that the scientific process consists of these steps: make an observation (I had a headache, then I had acupuncture and now my headache is gone.) form a question (Does acupuncture get rid of headaches?) form a hypothesis (Acupuncture gets rid of pain in the body, including, but not limited to headaches.) conduct an experiment analyze the data and draw a conclusion We’ve had tons of steps 1 through 3, but not too many steps 4 and 5.  Why?   Because it’s very time-consuming and expensive AND because there’s very little money in natural healing.  Not like the pharmaceutical industry anyway. One single clinical trial for a new medication can run $100 million (Forbes, 2/10/12, The Truly Staggering Cost of Inventing New Drugs).  I’m not sure if we added up the money made by every single acupuncturist in the US for one year if we could come up with $100 million. Some studies have been done on acupuncture, and have shown favorable results, but the studies are limited.  The population tested was limited and the acupuncture techniques tested were limited.  The health conditions tested were limited.  Limited not by imagination or desire but….money. I know plenty of under-employed acupuncturists who would love to run a clinical trial.  The problem comes down to funding.  Most acupuncturists, if they’re not busy treating patients or hustling up new patients, have no money!... read more


While I think we all know which foods we need to eat less of to stay healthy (hello, Cheetos!), what about the foods we need to be eating MORE of? These 5 superfoods are items I could recommend for everyone to add into their diet.  Your need for dietary supplementation (herbs and vitamins) will be reduced according to how much of these superfoods you regularly consume.  Shoot for 3 – 4 times a week per item. If there’s a superfood that just really grosses you out, no worries.  You can always take these in pill / supplement form.  “Take it or eat it!” 1.  Fermented foods.   Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, pickled vegetables are full of naturally occurring probiotics.  So, do you need a probiotic for your gut health?  Not if you’re regularly eating these.  Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in your intestines.  If they get out of balance you end up with problems like poor immunity, skin issues, and even cancer.  I wrote this article years ago on how to make your own fermented vegetables. 2.  Organ meats. To be honest, this is one that I just take in pill form.  They’re so good for you, but I just can’t stomach the taste.  If you want to eat it,  you can find good quality organ meats, even in ground meat or sausage form at  Organ meats have a lot of the vitamins and trace minerals that we become deficient in on a regular basis.   Adrenal Gland:  great source of Vitamin C.  Your adrenal glands are your stress glands.   That’s why when you... read more

Beauty and Aging

When the 10s unit of your age goes up one digit, you stop and pay attention.  10s…almost an adult!  20s…party time!  30s…oh, so mature.  40s…wise and not-too-old yet.  50s…distinguished.  60s…been there, done that, and going to do some more.  70s…this could be a good thing / could be a bad thing.  80s…look at me, I’m 80!  90s…I need an award or something.  100s…would you like to know my secrets? I love to read Vogue magazine and I subscribe to it even, but I absolutely can’t stand their articles on “beauty,” because they’re always about how to mask your age with lasers, chemical-based potions, and other invasive – albeit high-tech –  procedures.  Can’t a woman (or man) age naturally anymore? I never in my life worried about my skin (except in the 80s when “everyone” was tan and I was – at the most – slightly less white in the summer) until recently when I had to face the fact that I had wrinkles.  My face was looking my age.  So I did what any other sane person would do and go to my hippy-cosmetics store (everything there is so natural you could eat it, I think), and buy a $400 face cream. The good news is that I think it’s working.  But in the meantime I have some other (mostly free / affordable) snippets of wisdom for maintaining fresh-ish skin as you age. These I hope you already know:  drink more water and less alcohol / caffeine / junk beverages.  Alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and those god-awful sugary drinks dehydrate you.  Dehydrated skin is dry, wrinkled skin. Same goes for... read more